Hudson recruiting says redknob doesn’t cut it.

Oh well. I wonder what they were looking for in the other applications that got accepted? Never mind. As much as I wanted the job because it looked easy and paid well, I was a little upset that it’d fuck up my plans to travel mid next year. Now I’m back to square one and don’t seem to mind at all. Woot.


I bought a man bag. Well it’s more a unisex bag. I think. I don’t know. Crumpler’s bags sure as hell didn’t cut it.

Do you like it?That’s the colour I picked, too. It’s from Manhattan Portage but I bought it from Karmaloop with an online coupon, so I saved about 13% of the overall price, shipping included. Not so bad.

I looked up the Australian Converse site, but the pricks don’t have their products section working until December. Great marketing strategy there. Unfortunately, the US site doesn’t ship internationally, so I guess I’m going to have to check out some more shops in Sydney if I’m ever going to replace these poor red shoes.

I’m not even sure what style to get. Somebody help me decide!

High or low?

I currently own a low-cut pair. I quite like them. I still have a niggling yearning for the old school high cut ones, though. The other problem seems to be that you can’t get them in size 12 anywhere. :(

How can it be this hard?

In non-commercial news: I’ve been subpoenaed! Who would have thunk it? I’m not actually sure if I’m allowed to disclose any details. I haven’t seen the letter yet. Mum just rang me earlier today while I was browsing through a book shop on my way to get Thai for lunch today. I’ll have to check it out after work on Friday.

Uni news: My group made it in to the second round of presentations. Now we just have to impress the folks from Accenture and we’ll win $1000 each! Even though I’m over it I’ll still try for some cash.

Finally, I made some original content for my site in the guise of some horribly written game reviews and I also cleaned up the site a wee bit.

P.S. my highlight for today was buying a bottle of Jim Beam. I might take up alcoholism for a hobby, since I’m quite bored.


Computers don’t like me. How ironic. I think this one that I’ve had for about 18 months has been burning up my video cards on purpose. Maybe it’s a sign to stop playing games. It seems to be working. Bah.

Well, I finished my final semester of uni (for my bachelor’s at least) on Friday. There was no fanfare or celebration. I simply went home and got ready for work. Huzzah! Now I just have one exam to go and that’ll be that.

Saturday was spent working, then dinner and a movie with Lloyd and Eri. We saw Wolf Creek. Creepy and scary at first, hammy horror movie at the end. It certainly sticks to the Australian tradition of dropping off towards the end. It’s still worth seeing, though. I’d say it’s one of the better Australian releases in a while.

Sunday meant a sweaty sleep in on the couch because I’m too lazy to put my other bedsheets on. I cleaned the downstairs floor of my apartment and tidied up my room and everything, I just couldn’t be stuffed making the bed. Whatever.

After bitching about my PC being crap for a few hours I caught up with the gang at the HHH for about 50 minutes, chowed down an overpriced steak sandwich and then hit the netball courts to play a full game, only to lose 31-19 after our opponents again relied solely on 2 point shots to get ahead. We must be the only team in the comp without a range shooter. If only we could do some trades and deals. We need a draft!

Today is Munday. That’s meant to stand for mundane and Monday. I just made it up. The rest of you may use it if you like. I’m doing the washing. Yep. Pretty exciting news today.

I believe I’m going to a Melbourne Cup party tomorrow. It should be fun. Scott will be out at Randwick to have a punt. Well, more like take a few quizzes and exams for that air traffic control gig. Still, I bet he swings by for a flutter.


We lost netball 31-34. :( I got to play goal attack for two quarters. Those two quarters were our best. ;) The middle quarter that I played in at goal defense meant that we had weaker attackers on and we let our opponents trickle away from us and get a good lead. Every other team seems to have one or two people that can reliably hit 2 pointer shots whereas our team only goes for 1 point shots. If I play more at goal attack we should score a whole lot more, though; so it shouldn’t really matter. We’ll see.

In happier news, I managed to snap half of my left big toe’s toenail off by kicking my thonged foot in to Scott’s shoe at Woolworths (and no, they didn’t still have that bag we left there last week). I haven’t cut the nail off completely yet but I wrapped it in a couple of tissues before putting it in my sock before netball as we have no bandaids around. I was actually going to purchase some at Woolies after acquiring the injury and only refrained after Scott’s insistence that he had some back in the flat. That’s the last time I trust him. The bully.

On the way home tonight I had a huntsman spider crawling around on the windows of my car. On the outside, that is. I hate it when that happens. He crawled across my windscreen at one point and I turned on my wipers in a vain attempt to flick him off the car. It only resulted in shoving him on the driver’s side of the vehicle so that he scurried around next to me and hid out of view which of course means I had to get out of the car on the passenger side in case he jumped down on to my head as I hopped out. In the darkness I used my mobile phone’s built-in torch to weakly illuminate the exterior of my car but my new friend was nowhere to be found. Odds are he climbed inside somehow and will scare the crap out of me as I drive leading to a gruesome death.

To make that whole ordeal even more fun, there was a rat killing another rat in the driveway behind our unit blocking the road so that I couldn’t drive past. He had his victim on the ground and was biting in to its throat. I assume it was dead, but this little bugger wouldn’t let go and move out of my way at all, even when I rolled the car up right in front of him. I felt like such a little man in my pink netball shirt as I reversed the car back and drove around the murderous rat.

On Friday night I went to my 5 year school reunion. How depressing that it’s already been 5 years. Fortunately, barely anyone has actually left or finished uni yet. Most of those ones though are at least doing 4 or 5 year degrees or honours or a second degree or masters or even a Ph. D. Never mind. I’ll take my bachelor’s and run. Run far, far away. Afterwards I met up with and stayed out in the city until 5am. Good times.

Boy, was I tired when I had to get up at 9am that morning to drive up to Swansea for my cousin Todd’s wedding. It as another fun night that resulted in me eating plenty of food and a truckload of dessert slices. I slept over at the shack with mum and dad afterwards. Liberally masking myself with Aerogard proved to be effective as this time I managed to sleep the entire night without being woken up by a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around me. I didn’t even get one bite. Victory is mine.

Mustard pickle spread makes me happy.

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Drunk woman dies in cemetery accident.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – An inebriated Belgian woman died in a freak accident when she ended up beneath a heavy grave stone at a cemetery, local news agency Belga said Wednesday.

The 33-year-old was on her way home from a bar in the Belgian town of Pulle in the early hours of Saturday when she took a short cut through the cemetery.

But she urgently needed to relieve herself and crouched down between two gravestones. As she lost her balance, she grabbed one of the stones which gave way and landed on top of her.

The public prosecutor’s office said she died of suffocation as she was unable to lift the heavy stone.

That’s an impressive way to go.


Illicit drug use hits a new high: 38%

Ecstasy is more popular than ever before, with new research showing one in five Australians in their early 20s has used the party drug, making it more prevalent in Australia than in any other English-speaking country.

The good news is it reveals our smoking rates have gone down considerably, giving us the fewest number of daily smokers of all the countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

But the same research raises concerns about binge-drinking among young women, showing teenage girls are out-drinking boys of the same age, putting themselves at risk of harm in the long and short term.

More than a third of Australians – 38 per cent – have used an illicit drug, most commonly marijuana, which one in three people have used at some stage.

But regular marijuana use is at a 13-year-low, with only 11 per cent of the population having used it recently, and ecstasy has picked up the slack. Use of the “party drug” is at a 13-year high, with 3 per cent of Australians having used it recently.

Thirteen per cent of the age group had used ecstasy recently, and 11 per cent of them had used methamphetamines recently. Overall, Australians used more speed, ecstasy and marijuana than people in Britain, the US and New Zealand. The Irish were equal to Australians in their use of ecstasy, but not the other drugs.

Well, I guess someone has to say it.



Played golf today at the Lane Cove golf club with Ross, Tooker and Lavery. Haven’t seen Laves in ages, it was good to catch up.

I’m my own handicap, it seems. I’ve pretty much only played golf 3 times, about 5 years apart each time. It shows. My slice is fan-fucking-tastic since it’s the only shot I seem to be able to play.

Hopefully I hold the course record for most balls lost in 9 holes. Honestly it reached around 12 balls I went through. It would have been more, but I found 2 on the way through the course that I decided to acquire.

Not much else has been newsworthy. I got an HD, a D and C for my results this semester. Not too bad. I was a bit disappointed with the C, but I figured I’d get around that anyway. That was the course I fucking hated, so I suppose I’ll take the mark. I was pleased to get an HD in project management. Woo!

Now I just have to make sure my project team gets the ball rolling well for my major project this semester. I’m expecting my management accounting (or whatever it bloody is) course to be relatively simple, so I’m confident I can do pretty well in that, too.

Bring it on, damn it.


Interesting little ditty on independent video game development:

Indie gamers come out and play.

Free Play, the Next Wave Independent Game Developers Conference, begins tomorrow at Federation Square, aimed at independent game developers, “creatively frustrated” professionals, students, gamers, modders and artists.

Marcus Westbury, Next Wave artistic director, says Free Play was established to encourage more independent game development.

“Compared to cinema, music and other contemporary art forms where there is a strong tradition of independent productions and distribution mechanisms, games still need to fight hard to build that space,” Mr Westbury says.

I’m sure no one can fuck up anything as much as Electronic Arts can, so good on them.

In other news, my first two results have come out for uni, I got 81 for databases and 86 for project management! Yay!


We won the rugby. Yay.

Let’s see, what’s happening…

I dropped in to a new friend’s party on Friday night after work: one of the girls I met on the Hunter trip the other day. It was pretty groovy even though I was all on my lonesome and barely knew anyone. There were enough drunken people stumbling around to keep me entertained. I suppose that’s good enough.

This week I’m going to be pretty bored. I should probably do some more shifts at work, but I can’t be fucked. I’ve sorted out my tax return. Hopefully I’ll get about $500 or so back, woot! I also got about $250 cash on Saturday night from all the guys after I bought their rugby tickets for them weeks ago. My wallet is about to burst. It’s a comforting feeling. Unfortunately it also means my pants keep falling down with all the shrapnel stuck in the back pocket of my jeans. At least I’ll be loaded and naked. Another comforting feeling.

In other (old) news, Jennifer Agutter was hot. I knew this the first time I saw Logan’s Run years ago, I just don’t believe I ever recorded the fact anywhere. Even the guys from Coupling say so, so I must be right.