Interesting little ditty on independent video game development:

Indie gamers come out and play.

Free Play, the Next Wave Independent Game Developers Conference, begins tomorrow at Federation Square, aimed at independent game developers, “creatively frustrated” professionals, students, gamers, modders and artists.

Marcus Westbury, Next Wave artistic director, says Free Play was established to encourage more independent game development.

“Compared to cinema, music and other contemporary art forms where there is a strong tradition of independent productions and distribution mechanisms, games still need to fight hard to build that space,” Mr Westbury says.

I’m sure no one can fuck up anything as much as Electronic Arts can, so good on them.

In other news, my first two results have come out for uni, I got 81 for databases and 86 for project management! Yay!


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  1. It’s interesting, you have your indie music and indie movie scenes, but is there a comparable indie gamer scene? :/

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