We won the rugby. Yay.

Let’s see, what’s happening…

I dropped in to a new friend’s party on Friday night after work: one of the girls I met on the Hunter trip the other day. It was pretty groovy even though I was all on my lonesome and barely knew anyone. There were enough drunken people stumbling around to keep me entertained. I suppose that’s good enough.

This week I’m going to be pretty bored. I should probably do some more shifts at work, but I can’t be fucked. I’ve sorted out my tax return. Hopefully I’ll get about $500 or so back, woot! I also got about $250 cash on Saturday night from all the guys after I bought their rugby tickets for them weeks ago. My wallet is about to burst. It’s a comforting feeling. Unfortunately it also means my pants keep falling down with all the shrapnel stuck in the back pocket of my jeans. At least I’ll be loaded and naked. Another comforting feeling.

In other (old) news, Jennifer Agutter was hot. I knew this the first time I saw Logan’s Run years ago, I just don’t believe I ever recorded the fact anywhere. Even the guys from Coupling say so, so I must be right.