I’ve gotta get myself a Russian visa…

I’ve also got to determine a place to go to on the 11th of July. Berlin, perhaps.

Em and her dad are hitting up Germany in the next few weeks, so I’ll most likely go along. Maybe a week early.

I’m still feeling homesick, in a weird way. It’s probably because I don’t know what to do at the moment, so just going home sounds very tempting. Then again, it’s mostly the food that I miss… I think?

Fuck it. I don’t know. I don’t really care. Blah blah blah. I’m not even sure what I’m saying.

Anyway. Tallinn’s still nice. The sun never sets here now. It’s pretty trippy. Really buggers up your body clock. It can be 11:30pm before you realise it and then you’re still not tired.

There’s still so many Australians around here. It’s kinda funny.

I’m gonna make cheese and salami toasted sandwiches now. I might have a beer, too. Rockin’.



Illicit drug use hits a new high: 38%

Ecstasy is more popular than ever before, with new research showing one in five Australians in their early 20s has used the party drug, making it more prevalent in Australia than in any other English-speaking country.

The good news is it reveals our smoking rates have gone down considerably, giving us the fewest number of daily smokers of all the countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

But the same research raises concerns about binge-drinking among young women, showing teenage girls are out-drinking boys of the same age, putting themselves at risk of harm in the long and short term.

More than a third of Australians – 38 per cent – have used an illicit drug, most commonly marijuana, which one in three people have used at some stage.

But regular marijuana use is at a 13-year-low, with only 11 per cent of the population having used it recently, and ecstasy has picked up the slack. Use of the “party drug” is at a 13-year high, with 3 per cent of Australians having used it recently.

Thirteen per cent of the age group had used ecstasy recently, and 11 per cent of them had used methamphetamines recently. Overall, Australians used more speed, ecstasy and marijuana than people in Britain, the US and New Zealand. The Irish were equal to Australians in their use of ecstasy, but not the other drugs.

Well, I guess someone has to say it.



Corby sentenced to 20 years in gaol. I changed it to gaol from jail.

Well, I think we all saw that coming. Bring on the next decade of appeals.

This really pissed me off, though:

Also outside the court, Glen Jeffers, a family friend, made an impassioned plea to the Indonesian president, linking the case to Australia’s tsunami aid to the country.

“We’ll continue to fight until an innocent girl is set free to live and enjoy her life,” the man said, reading from a statement.

“President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, when Indonesia was struck by the tsunami, Australia gave aid.

“Nine Australians gave the ultimate – their lives – in a helicopter crash on the island helping Indonesians.

“Australia and Indonesia have become good friends. For a friendship to grow there must be giving from both friends

“Mr President, we have seen enough innocent lives wasted in the past year. Please sir, let’s not waste another innocent life.

“All Australia asks is that you give Schapelle back to us. Schapelle is innocent.”

I don’t think I even have to explain why.

Oddly, I couldn’t find the headlines on any of my other news RSS feeds apart from the Australian Yahoo headlines. Oh well.

At least Howard got it right.

Makes you wonder how the tourism industry will go for Indonesia in the next few years. I bet there’s a lot of bitter Aussies. About 98% of the population, if you believe channel 9’s “worm”. Didn’t channel 9 broadcast the verdict, too? Geez. Then again, I suppose the ratings were sensational. Hurrah for advertising revenue.