Played golf today at the Lane Cove golf club with Ross, Tooker and Lavery. Haven’t seen Laves in ages, it was good to catch up.

I’m my own handicap, it seems. I’ve pretty much only played golf 3 times, about 5 years apart each time. It shows. My slice is fan-fucking-tastic since it’s the only shot I seem to be able to play.

Hopefully I hold the course record for most balls lost in 9 holes. Honestly it reached around 12 balls I went through. It would have been more, but I found 2 on the way through the course that I decided to acquire.

Not much else has been newsworthy. I got an HD, a D and C for my results this semester. Not too bad. I was a bit disappointed with the C, but I figured I’d get around that anyway. That was the course I fucking hated, so I suppose I’ll take the mark. I was pleased to get an HD in project management. Woo!

Now I just have to make sure my project team gets the ball rolling well for my major project this semester. I’m expecting my management accounting (or whatever it bloody is) course to be relatively simple, so I’m confident I can do pretty well in that, too.

Bring it on, damn it.