Computers don’t like me. How ironic. I think this one that I’ve had for about 18 months has been burning up my video cards on purpose. Maybe it’s a sign to stop playing games. It seems to be working. Bah.

Well, I finished my final semester of uni (for my bachelor’s at least) on Friday. There was no fanfare or celebration. I simply went home and got ready for work. Huzzah! Now I just have one exam to go and that’ll be that.

Saturday was spent working, then dinner and a movie with Lloyd and Eri. We saw Wolf Creek. Creepy and scary at first, hammy horror movie at the end. It certainly sticks to the Australian tradition of dropping off towards the end. It’s still worth seeing, though. I’d say it’s one of the better Australian releases in a while.

Sunday meant a sweaty sleep in on the couch because I’m too lazy to put my other bedsheets on. I cleaned the downstairs floor of my apartment and tidied up my room and everything, I just couldn’t be stuffed making the bed. Whatever.

After bitching about my PC being crap for a few hours I caught up with the gang at the HHH for about 50 minutes, chowed down an overpriced steak sandwich and then hit the netball courts to play a full game, only to lose 31-19 after our opponents again relied solely on 2 point shots to get ahead. We must be the only team in the comp without a range shooter. If only we could do some trades and deals. We need a draft!

Today is Munday. That’s meant to stand for mundane and Monday. I just made it up. The rest of you may use it if you like. I’m doing the washing. Yep. Pretty exciting news today.

I believe I’m going to a Melbourne Cup party tomorrow. It should be fun. Scott will be out at Randwick to have a punt. Well, more like take a few quizzes and exams for that air traffic control gig. Still, I bet he swings by for a flutter.