We lost netball 31-34. :( I got to play goal attack for two quarters. Those two quarters were our best. ;) The middle quarter that I played in at goal defense meant that we had weaker attackers on and we let our opponents trickle away from us and get a good lead. Every other team seems to have one or two people that can reliably hit 2 pointer shots whereas our team only goes for 1 point shots. If I play more at goal attack we should score a whole lot more, though; so it shouldn’t really matter. We’ll see.

In happier news, I managed to snap half of my left big toe’s toenail off by kicking my thonged foot in to Scott’s shoe at Woolworths (and no, they didn’t still have that bag we left there last week). I haven’t cut the nail off completely yet but I wrapped it in a couple of tissues before putting it in my sock before netball as we have no bandaids around. I was actually going to purchase some at Woolies after acquiring the injury and only refrained after Scott’s insistence that he had some back in the flat. That’s the last time I trust him. The bully.

On the way home tonight I had a huntsman spider crawling around on the windows of my car. On the outside, that is. I hate it when that happens. He crawled across my windscreen at one point and I turned on my wipers in a vain attempt to flick him off the car. It only resulted in shoving him on the driver’s side of the vehicle so that he scurried around next to me and hid out of view which of course means I had to get out of the car on the passenger side in case he jumped down on to my head as I hopped out. In the darkness I used my mobile phone’s built-in torch to weakly illuminate the exterior of my car but my new friend was nowhere to be found. Odds are he climbed inside somehow and will scare the crap out of me as I drive leading to a gruesome death.

To make that whole ordeal even more fun, there was a rat killing another rat in the driveway behind our unit blocking the road so that I couldn’t drive past. He had his victim on the ground and was biting in to its throat. I assume it was dead, but this little bugger wouldn’t let go and move out of my way at all, even when I rolled the car up right in front of him. I felt like such a little man in my pink netball shirt as I reversed the car back and drove around the murderous rat.

On Friday night I went to my 5 year school reunion. How depressing that it’s already been 5 years. Fortunately, barely anyone has actually left or finished uni yet. Most of those ones though are at least doing 4 or 5 year degrees or honours or a second degree or masters or even a Ph. D. Never mind. I’ll take my bachelor’s and run. Run far, far away. Afterwards I met up with and stayed out in the city until 5am. Good times.

Boy, was I tired when I had to get up at 9am that morning to drive up to Swansea for my cousin Todd’s wedding. It as another fun night that resulted in me eating plenty of food and a truckload of dessert slices. I slept over at the shack with mum and dad afterwards. Liberally masking myself with Aerogard proved to be effective as this time I managed to sleep the entire night without being woken up by a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around me. I didn’t even get one bite. Victory is mine.

Mustard pickle spread makes me happy.

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I think I totally stuffed up my oral exam for my major today. It’s worth 20%. I didn’t sell myself too well at all (as usual) so now I’m sure the markers think that I’m the guy who didn’t do any work that some of the other group members mentioned, meanwhile the guy who didn’t do any work completely buttered up the markers and got them on side.

I’m potentially very fucked. :/

To celebrate, I bought two new pairs of jeans (yes, on my own!) and got a $12 hair cut then watched Fight Club with a few Malt ‘O’ Milk biscuits for company.

Life is average.


Well, I just woke up.

I haven’t slept in this late for a long time. I woke up at 3pm and that’s the time I’m meant to leave for work. Whoops.

I think I’ll be a little late in today.

The report for the project has been done and should have been submitted today. We had our client demonstration yesterday as well and it seemed to go smoothly. They’re very keen on us doing well and seem to genuinely want what we’re building. It’s a little creepy but it’s still encouraging. It’s fabuluous that now I don’t really have to care all that much about the rest of the course for the semester. Of course, I’ll have to know my stuff for the oral exam but that won’t be too challenging. The same goes for our final presentation. I just want to finish it. Whee.

Last night was the Winesoc Red & White Ball/Formal/Dinner. I got to don my new tux. I think I looked somewhat dapper in the good old traditional black tie style. I have some shitty photos that I took with my shitty camera in to a shitty mirror after I got dressed so I’ll upload them later. That is, as long as I don’t look shitty.

Yes, the dinner last night was great. We’d booked out a Greek restaurant so there was the odd bit of plate smashing alongside a tonne of food and wine. I managed to convince Benecke and Byrne (who needs first names when you could have surnames like that?) to come along with me. I think they had a good time even though they disappeared without saying goodbye (which they did according to Byrne). I even saw JJ, Bal and Chunky there. Guess the nicknames out of that lot.

So we danced and drank and ate and mostly didn’t have to feign merriment until we got kicked out. I wasn’t particularly drunk at the end of the event as I’d spent quite some time standing around outside talking to people and looking after sad drunks so that by the time I returned indoors the bar had been closed. Disappointing. I still managed to score some baklava for the trouble, so it was worth it.

Afterwards a few of us ended up wandering down towards Oxford street. I think we went to The Columbian until they kicked us out and then those of us who were left were unable to get in to some other predominantly queer club because the girls were wearing “open toed shoes”. That’s a new one. It was probably for the best as it meant we could sit in some other pub and get cheaper drinks and all be accosted at once by a rather repulsive drunk lesbian/bisexual who asked us all if we were “going to drink or just sit there looking pretty all night”.

To cap off the night, I scored a cold falafel and managed to share a taxi back to Newtown. I think my clothes survived any real damage, too.

All in all a good night.


I’ve been up all night fixing up the webpage for my uni project.

I wasn’t even meant to be doing the website.

I wasn’t meant to be doing a lot of things. I fucking did, though.

Maybe I deserve it after putting everything else off for so long. Then again I was left hanging until the last minute by most of my group. Bah. Whatever.

Now I get to proof read a 100 page document.

You should see my eyes.


The bite is nearly gone. It’s nearly only taken a week. I took photos of the mark with my phone camera the other day. When I can be bothered extracting them off the phone via infra red I’ll upload them so none of you will think I just made the whole story up for attention.

I’ve pumped out 38 pages of test cases so far for this project and still have to do more. I also have to finish off my test plan and schedule and string together a “requirements validation matrix”. This system had better bloody work and work well. If my group gets anything less than a distinction in this course I’ll go postal. I know I whinge about the work I’ve done, but some of the other folks have put a lot more effort and hours and sleepless nights in than me. They deserve to do really well.

We won Actionball tonight! 31-21. I got to play goal keeper, goal defense and wing defense. I was on fire as wing defense. I’d like to play that position again. I don’t mind goal defense either and I’ve been playing that position most games. Goal keeper is too boring for me. I don’t like having to mark up on one person in a small area. I prefer being able to roam around and be either an annoying, harassing defender or a bit of a playmaker/attack back up. Hopefully Pip, our supercoach, likes me in that role.

The shoes I’ve been wearing during the games seem to be giving me blisters. About 3/4 of the way through the game I thought I had a small, sharp stone inside my shoe. Nothing I did seemed to relieve the pain. After the game I started feeling around the sole of my foot inside of my sock and found there was something there to tug on. It turned out to be a piece of flappy, but still connected, skin. That was pleasant.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a whole lot of sleep tonight. I’ve already had two of my dangerously potent coffees today, which is probably the equivalent of 5-6 shots. Maybe I’ll brew another one in a little while. The process works well as both a way of procrastinating and a way of encouraging myself to keep working. Another motivator is that if I go to sleep it’ll feel like I have to go to my management accounting class “sooner”.

So, anyone else think it’s funny that the Smurfs got nuked?


My brain is melting. I can’t keep it in a solid state long enough to continue writing these test cases for my project. Just thinking about it and having to finish it is making me feel lonely and depressed. I wish there was someone around so that I could drop all this and kill some time actually doing something fun.

I keep telling myself that it’s only a week to go. Not long. Unfortunately, time really is relative, the bastard.

At least I’ll have the chance to let my lack of hair down next Thursday night and party hard at the Winesoc ball. Then I get to wake up early and groggy and participate in my group presentation. Extremes are always fun. I just hope I wake up on the Friday. It’s actually quite irresponsible of me to go out to the ball, when I think about it. Fuck it. I’m still going.

The worst thing about my part of the project is that it’s not creative at all. Documenting anything is usually boring, unless you’re coming up with an idea and explaining how it’s going to work. I don’t even mind documenting things if I have a format to adhere to or questions to answer by doing it. Unfortunately for me, I just have to include everything I can think of no matter how mundane. To add to the insult, no one ever reads testing documentation at all. They just expect it to all be there.

My bug bite is still showing up on my arm. It’s not really that itchy any more. Only a little bit, I guess. I suppose the best way to describe it would be “it feels good if I scratch it”. There seems to be a small swollen bit of flesh underneath the skin where it was bitten. Holy crap, there’s actually two lumps! Maybe I’ve been impregnated by aggressive caterpillars. It could have been a centipede. I’m not sure.

It looked kind of like this thing but not exactly.

I really shouldn’t have scratched it again. Damn, why must it feel so good?

I can’t remember if I mentioned that /tofu/Scott bought a webcam last night. It’s kind of fun. I feel ashamed, though, as it brings me one step closer to that annoying stereotype of people on the net that I hate, especially since I somehow made myself establish MySpace and Hi5 profiles. :/

I don’t think I can ever forgive myself.

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Primary Class:
Fighters are the warriors. They use weapons to accomplish their goals. This isn’t to say that they aren’t intelligent, but that they do, in fact, believe that violence is frequently the answer.

Secondary Class:
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Jesus. I was just bringing in my towel and swimmers from the line (I left them out overnight because I was lazy) and a little fucking caterpillar bit me on the forearm. Christ it stings. It’s come up in a big red patch instantaneously. I’m dying!

Scott just bought a webcam. Maybe now we can pick up over the Internet like we’ve always wanted to.

I had lunch today on my own in a restaurant. It’s the first time I’ve eaten alone in a food place that wasn’t a takeaway. I felt both grown up and lame at the same time. Thai Times 9. An old favourite haunt of ours when I actually had friends at uni. It was yum.

I’ve started my work on my project again. Yay for me. I’m also currently downloading the latest episode of Arrested Development. Even more yay. Before we watch it I’m forcing Scott to do a garbage run.

It’s nothing but excitement around here.


I’ve been trying to work out a nifty way to export all of my 223 previous LJ entries in to a nice RSS format in order to have them all catalogued on my site. I could reformat the XML I’ve exported, but I’d still lose the URLs to the entries themselves. It’s a shame there’s no “historical RSS feeds” to flick back to and use.

In order to attempt this, I tried out ljArchive, a nice little application that can connect to LiveJournal’s servers and download your entire posting history and the comments that were made with it. Very handy if you just want to skim through your history. It even has some mathematical models and graphs that it can draw up if you’re in to those sorts of things. I certainly find it entertaining. For a program that didn’t do what I wanted it to do, I quite like it. I just discovered that it can export your journal in to a MIDI file, too! Now I can hear my journal played as notes. Useless, but sexy.

I just got back from Newcastle and saw Grant, my mystical elf cousin/uncle. I arrived at Lake Macquarie around 3pm and we went up around Civic to check out the developments around the waterfront. Very impressive. He’s just bought a terrace house a short walk from there in Cooks Hill. It’s a cute little place. We ended up watching the NRL final back at the shack with some Italian takeaway and had a few quiet drinks. We retired at around 10pm and I failed to get more than 1 hour of solid sleep at any one time, leading to my decision to sleep in until 9am instead of getting up at 6am like I’d originally intended.

This morning, at 9am, I got up and sat outside for a while after drinking the short black Grant made me at around 8am. I guess it took a while to hit me. It’s always pleasant just sitting out on the bench at the shack and doing nothing but enjoying the view of the lake. There’s something innately peaceful about the whole experience. How wannabe-artistic do I sound? Geez.

I zipped over to Caves Beach before heading off and had a dip. There was no surf at all and I was a little cold just standing around in the water so it wasn’t long until I showered off some of the salt and sand and got back in the car and made my way back down the highway and freeway to Hornsby. I wanted to beat the holiday traffic and left Swansea at 10am. I hit the Pacific Highway at Hornsby at 11am. Quite a good run.

On the way home I stopped in at Lou’s to give her a birthday card. I thought it was a rather appropriate one and felt impressed with myself for finding it. Self-congratulation is fun. It was nice being able to see her again and things seemed to go pretty well. The whole thing was reassuring, to say the least. Hopefully, if we manage to keep getting along like that I think things should be fine. I believe she’s drinking punch at the moment with her girlfriends. I could go for a fruity mix myself. I don’t believe I shall, though.

I’m spending the rest of the day preparing myself psychologically to sit down and completely dominate the work I have left for my project – tomorrow. I’ve always been a crammer and rather than fight against my nature I’m just going to ride with it then capitalise on my skills when the time is right. I feel so insightful.

Speaking of insight, it’s only been this last week that I’ve noticed a whole new side of music. I suppose I can now relate to a lot more themes in songs these days. Honestly, it feels kinda good. I’ve always been an experience junkie like that.


Well, I sort of set up redknob.net a bit better. Courtesy of Drupal. There’s really no point trying to make a website from scratch these days, unless it has some uber special personalised requirements. I don’t.

Managing it is taking a little getting used to. The way it handles content was a little confusing at first but I think I’ve basically gotten the hang of it.

I kind of like the basic white theme that I’m running on it, even though it’s virtually an unedited stock/default theme that comes with the installation. Simplicity and minimalism are certainly a turn-on for me.

I’m actually writing this entry just to see if I have the crontab working properly (a script to update aggregated content). If I did it right, I shouldn’t have to do anything for this entry to appear on my LiveJournal syndication.

I’m going up to Newcastle on Sunday afternoon to visit my uncle (although he’s technically my cousin), Grant. He’s been living at the shack for a little while now and wanted me to come up and visit him. He wants to have a bit of a man-to-man I think after everything that’s happened. I’m actually looking forward to it. It’ll be nice to talk to someone older who’s not one of my parents about things for a while.

My part of the RailCorp project has pretty much ground to a halt over the last week. I have trouble getting motivated to do any work in general, let alone after having a depressing week. I really should be doing something on it now instead of fucking around with a new website, but it’s still hard to concentrate on anything too important. Maybe I’ll take a swipe at it on Saturday night. I was planning on trying to do a little bit on Sunday morning before I left, too. Knowing me, I probably wont.

I just can’t wait for this year to be over. I’m a little scared but still curious as to both what the world has in store for me and what I have in store for the world, now that I’m basically going to be set loose from everything.

To refer to the RPG analogy: I’m not going to be questing. I’m just filling out the map.


I just got a phone call on a horrible line from London. Lou’s not back until Friday morning now. I’m depressed.

This is already probably my busiest week of semester just for uni and now Lou’s coming back at the busiest end of the week (instead of the beginning, where I’ll have more time). I’m not sure if I’ll even have time to see her until Sunday. How fucking annoying.