I think I totally stuffed up my oral exam for my major today. It’s worth 20%. I didn’t sell myself too well at all (as usual) so now I’m sure the markers think that I’m the guy who didn’t do any work that some of the other group members mentioned, meanwhile the guy who didn’t do any work completely buttered up the markers and got them on side.

I’m potentially very fucked. :/

To celebrate, I bought two new pairs of jeans (yes, on my own!) and got a $12 hair cut then watched Fight Club with a few Malt ‘O’ Milk biscuits for company.

Life is average.


9 thoughts on “Whoops.

  1. You had an oral exam? What kind of school do you go to!? Nothing dirty like that goes at Newcastle, that’s for sure.

    Shopping by yourself can be good because you only have to go in to the stores you like, although sometimes without someone else there you may buy some hideous floral creation that does nothing for your complexion and totally live to regret it. Hate it when that happens.

  2. shit :(
    when do you find out your marks for it?
    i think we had to wait ages for ours (if i remember corretly).
    i thought mine went badly, but i got an average mark, was alright.

    how was your reunion?
    ours was good, nice to see some people i haven’t seen in 5 years. Claire was there. and saw kate cooper – exactly the same, still going out with dave, and living in northbridge, hehe. vic howard is engaged, but i think you may have known that..
    one of my other friends is the octopus for the wiggles, soo cool :) hehe she travels aroundwith them all over the world. i’m jealous.

  3. Paradise’s Malt biscuits are actually better, in my opinion.

    I know, I’ve sung the praises of Malt ‘O’ Milk for a long time, but these guys are serious contenders!

  4. If it was that kind of oral exam I would have blitzed it. Unfortunately I’m not that lucky.

    I wish you didn’t say that. I really like the flower pattern on my new pants. :(

  5. No idea. I might email Liaquat and beg for some kind of break, somehow. Bleh. It’s so fun being the accidental fall guy.

    It was good. Lots of people went. Does Dave still look like he should be in Kraftwerk?

    That octopus gig sounds like a good deal. The only problem would be that you have to listen to the fucking Wiggles singing all day.

  6. didn’t see him. it was only girls, and if you wanted bfs could come later, but not many people bothered. you’d just have to look after them anyhow. so yeah.
    i bet he does though.

    oh and we found out his brother (jamie) always had a huge crush on helen, teehee.

    “wake up jeff”

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