I just got a phone call on a horrible line from London. Lou’s not back until Friday morning now. I’m depressed.

This is already probably my busiest week of semester just for uni and now Lou’s coming back at the busiest end of the week (instead of the beginning, where I’ll have more time). I’m not sure if I’ll even have time to see her until Sunday. How fucking annoying.


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  1. Arrrrr Do you know why she’s delayed? Only a couple of extra days however, you’ll be right matey.

    Do all dirty scallywags and landlubbers know that it be talk like a pirate day arrrr?
    (i’m even wearing my pirate tshirt in celebration)

  2. She’s visiting her cousins (?again) apparently. Their names escape me.

    Yeah I know it’s only a few more days… I was just excited/miss her. You know.

    Yes, talk like a pirate day is indeed today. Unfortunately I don’t think it’ll ever quite take off. There were two people dressed in pirate uniforms at uni today, though.

  3. Uh oh. Poor person that sits next to her on the plane. Hopefully she remembers not to eat any English curry beforehand. Not good.

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