Jesus. I was just bringing in my towel and swimmers from the line (I left them out overnight because I was lazy) and a little fucking caterpillar bit me on the forearm. Christ it stings. It’s come up in a big red patch instantaneously. I’m dying!

Scott just bought a webcam. Maybe now we can pick up over the Internet like we’ve always wanted to.

I had lunch today on my own in a restaurant. It’s the first time I’ve eaten alone in a food place that wasn’t a takeaway. I felt both grown up and lame at the same time. Thai Times 9. An old favourite haunt of ours when I actually had friends at uni. It was yum.

I’ve started my work on my project again. Yay for me. I’m also currently downloading the latest episode of Arrested Development. Even more yay. Before we watch it I’m forcing Scott to do a garbage run.

It’s nothing but excitement around here.


13 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Are your swimmers Speedos and are they tight and red?

    Lucky it was only a caterpillar and not a jellyfish because you never know what can get caught in your swimmers whist at the beach, trust me.

    Did you have the tofu? Tell me you had the tofu.

  2. I actually used to wear tight red Speedos for 10 years throughout my schooling life. They’re the only type of Speedos you can wear without looking undignified.

    These days I have cowered away into Speedos underneath board shorts.

    Even now I still have a red mark on my forearm from that little bastard caterpillar. At least now it’s just a small blemish instead of a big red blotch.

    Alright. I had the tofu.

  3. omg caterpillars. How much I hate them. Somehow I always got bitten by arsehole caterpillars or tiny little fuckeroos with too many legs and many-pincered, very sharp TEETH made of fucking steel from the FUTURE.

  4. OMG they’re on to us.

    (psst, do a google search for “conspiracy websites” and see how many of them are registered and published on the Intarweb)

  5. “These days I have cowered away into Speedos underneath board shorts.”

    So you double bag it? Good to know.

    Has the caterpillar returned as yet? I’m sure he will be back for another round, they always come back. Make sure you wear long sleeves this time around!

    “Alright. I had the tofu.”

    I knew it! And it was the best thing you have ever tasted, wasn’t it?

  6. Yes, I double bag it. I’ve never heard that expression before but I will now subscribe to using it.

    The caterpillar was thrown off our balcony upon being discovered as an aggressor. The path of destruction that he weaved still resides on my forearm. It still itches. If he comes back for more then I don’t think I’ll be able to control my rage.

    I had tofu last night at my friend’s place, actually. Slices from a big block of tofu. He has them with tomato sauce. It tasted like nothing. Fried/cooked tofu is much more enjoyable.

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