I’ve been up all night fixing up the webpage for my uni project.

I wasn’t even meant to be doing the website.

I wasn’t meant to be doing a lot of things. I fucking did, though.

Maybe I deserve it after putting everything else off for so long. Then again I was left hanging until the last minute by most of my group. Bah. Whatever.

Now I get to proof read a 100 page document.

You should see my eyes.


18 thoughts on “ZZZZZ.

  1. You should see my eyes.

    Well why don’t you just web cam them already! =p

    I hate group work. I did a project once for film and the group were all idiots (read: two drama freaks an exchange student) who couldn’t care less about what marks they received or whether the project actually got submitted in time.

    So I did it all and got a HD. It kind of sucked that they got the same mark also but oh well.

    Anyway, you go girl!

  2. Don’t lie, Natalie! You secretly worship Yani despite the fact she is a drama freak from hell and only ever wears the colour pink. She’s everything you want to be and so much more!

  3. I would but Scott has superglued the cam to his monitor so I can’t interrupt his “sessions” with other MSN victims.

    They usually have those lame “peer assessment form” things just in case people get in groups like that. Too bad you didn’t get one. You could have unleashed your frustration via negative feedback.

  4. Hmm, I never did get the whole web cam thing. At least not the whole web caming for the sake of web caming.

    How’s it working out for you? Have you got willing victims gasping for breath at the sight of you both yet? Have you experimented with male on male performance? Are you going to get married via web cam to someone you just met from Sweden?

    Oh the possibilities!

  5. Did you just post this recently or ages ago? I just got about 6 backdated emails from LJ with your comments and the whole time paradox thing is making me nervous.

  6. As for the cam whore thing, I dunno. I never got it either. Even now I have one I still don’t get it. It’s kind of fun, though. That’s about all I can say for it.

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