The bite is nearly gone. It’s nearly only taken a week. I took photos of the mark with my phone camera the other day. When I can be bothered extracting them off the phone via infra red I’ll upload them so none of you will think I just made the whole story up for attention.

I’ve pumped out 38 pages of test cases so far for this project and still have to do more. I also have to finish off my test plan and schedule and string together a “requirements validation matrix”. This system had better bloody work and work well. If my group gets anything less than a distinction in this course I’ll go postal. I know I whinge about the work I’ve done, but some of the other folks have put a lot more effort and hours and sleepless nights in than me. They deserve to do really well.

We won Actionball tonight! 31-21. I got to play goal keeper, goal defense and wing defense. I was on fire as wing defense. I’d like to play that position again. I don’t mind goal defense either and I’ve been playing that position most games. Goal keeper is too boring for me. I don’t like having to mark up on one person in a small area. I prefer being able to roam around and be either an annoying, harassing defender or a bit of a playmaker/attack back up. Hopefully Pip, our supercoach, likes me in that role.

The shoes I’ve been wearing during the games seem to be giving me blisters. About 3/4 of the way through the game I thought I had a small, sharp stone inside my shoe. Nothing I did seemed to relieve the pain. After the game I started feeling around the sole of my foot inside of my sock and found there was something there to tug on. It turned out to be a piece of flappy, but still connected, skin. That was pleasant.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a whole lot of sleep tonight. I’ve already had two of my dangerously potent coffees today, which is probably the equivalent of 5-6 shots. Maybe I’ll brew another one in a little while. The process works well as both a way of procrastinating and a way of encouraging myself to keep working. Another motivator is that if I go to sleep it’ll feel like I have to go to my management accounting class “sooner”.

So, anyone else think it’s funny that the Smurfs got nuked?


9 thoughts on “Yowzers.

  1. The bite is nearly gone. It’s nearly only taken a week.

    Ooh, sob, sob. Those darn caterpillars will get you!

    We won Actionball tonight! 31-21.

    Congrats! Go team redknob III, you will most surely be in the Actionball finals in your red netball skirt.

    The shoes I’ve been wearing during the games seem to be giving me blisters

    I have a big blister at the moment from my new shoes. It got all itchy but I couldn’t scratch it because it hurt and now I am scared to wear those shoes again.

    But yay, we can be blister buddies!

  2. No one believes that I’m a small, delicate flower on the barren earth that is the world. :'(

    I wish I had a red netball skirt. The one I have is a boring old navy blue. I’d definitely wear it around if it was red. Maybe a trip to Lowes is in order.

    This is my first blister in ages. I’d long forgotten the excitement of achieving one. It’s funny how people can actually become scared of their own shoes because of them.

    Yay for blister buddies! We could start a support network!

  3. True, but Felicity thinks you are.

    After seeing you in the car that day she has decided that you are a fragile little thing in need of TLC.

    Navy blue sucks… red is sexy. Did you ever make that Lowes trip?

  4. Felicity is the wind beneath my wings. I confess.

    I think after being stalked I’m definitely in need of TLC. Now I always feel like there’s someone driving around following me. Following and watching.

    Secretly, I dig it.

    Nah, I didn’t get to Lowes. I’m not actually even sure where our local Lowes is. Did you hear that apparently Lowes put in an offer to buy out Gowings? Of course, I’m assuming you know what shop Gowings is.

  5. I know how creepy that she should see you on the bridge, you just minding your own business, hands tapping against the side of your car, the wind in your hair and Ashlee Simpson on the radio.

    I think she did it on purpose.

    Make sure you get caller ID!

    Yes, Gowings is like a glorified Lowes or vice versa. Men of Sydney have been worshiping polyester at Gowings for decades. Including you I believe.

  6. Are you sure you didn’t see me, too? Either that or your sister described what I was doing rather accurately.

    Gowings is like a 1950s version of Lowes but with more cool junk. The best thing I ever bought was a $2 “survival knife” which is actually shaped like a business card. I’ve carried it with me in my wallet ever since I bought it.

    I would have died without it.

  7. I think I just know these things about you.

    You seem like the hand out of the window, tapping, Ashlee Simpson kinda guy or something.

    So have you used your knife? Like on a person? And did they live to tell the tale?

  8. Stalker.

    Yeah, you said that already. I don’t tap though. Occasionally I have my hand out of the window but not for long. I get too sunburnt. I’m actually burnt now after spending nearly 4 hours in the sun during the middle of the day.


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