Well, I just woke up.

I haven’t slept in this late for a long time. I woke up at 3pm and that’s the time I’m meant to leave for work. Whoops.

I think I’ll be a little late in today.

The report for the project has been done and should have been submitted today. We had our client demonstration yesterday as well and it seemed to go smoothly. They’re very keen on us doing well and seem to genuinely want what we’re building. It’s a little creepy but it’s still encouraging. It’s fabuluous that now I don’t really have to care all that much about the rest of the course for the semester. Of course, I’ll have to know my stuff for the oral exam but that won’t be too challenging. The same goes for our final presentation. I just want to finish it. Whee.

Last night was the Winesoc Red & White Ball/Formal/Dinner. I got to don my new tux. I think I looked somewhat dapper in the good old traditional black tie style. I have some shitty photos that I took with my shitty camera in to a shitty mirror after I got dressed so I’ll upload them later. That is, as long as I don’t look shitty.

Yes, the dinner last night was great. We’d booked out a Greek restaurant so there was the odd bit of plate smashing alongside a tonne of food and wine. I managed to convince Benecke and Byrne (who needs first names when you could have surnames like that?) to come along with me. I think they had a good time even though they disappeared without saying goodbye (which they did according to Byrne). I even saw JJ, Bal and Chunky there. Guess the nicknames out of that lot.

So we danced and drank and ate and mostly didn’t have to feign merriment until we got kicked out. I wasn’t particularly drunk at the end of the event as I’d spent quite some time standing around outside talking to people and looking after sad drunks so that by the time I returned indoors the bar had been closed. Disappointing. I still managed to score some baklava for the trouble, so it was worth it.

Afterwards a few of us ended up wandering down towards Oxford street. I think we went to The Columbian until they kicked us out and then those of us who were left were unable to get in to some other predominantly queer club because the girls were wearing “open toed shoes”. That’s a new one. It was probably for the best as it meant we could sit in some other pub and get cheaper drinks and all be accosted at once by a rather repulsive drunk lesbian/bisexual who asked us all if we were “going to drink or just sit there looking pretty all night”.

To cap off the night, I scored a cold falafel and managed to share a taxi back to Newtown. I think my clothes survived any real damage, too.

All in all a good night.


Suicide Girls is owned by a right winger who treats women like shit.

I’ve never been all that in to Suicide Girls, so this makes me feel more justified.

On other fronts: my project is moving slowly. So am I. It’s going to be taking a huge dump on top of my face in the next few weeks and I’m sure I’ll be grinding away for hours on end at something fascinating, like required outputs from a test file parser.

I must also get to work on performing a financial analysis on a fictional business for my “management accounting concepts” course by this time next week. Hurrah for stimulation.

I wish I wasn’t so lazy, but then, if I wasn’t lazy I wouldn’t be me. Whether to take that as a positive or not is up to you.

Last Sunday I played my first game of actionball. It’s basically netball but with some additions from indoor soccer, namely the fact that you can bounce the ball off the fencing around the court and use the fencing behind the ring to shoot “off the backboard”, as it were. There’s only 5 a side, too, I believe.

It was quite fun. It’s very fast paced (for someone who is as unfit as I am) and fortunately I only had to play for half the game, in rotating quarters. We even won, which was nice. This whole week my leg and arse muscles have been killing me and I can barely lift my legs up to move. It’s that “good pain” that people talk about. I’ve felt it before, many times over the years, as each sporting season begins. It’s never good. Why do people persist with the lies? Tell me.

A nice man from RailCorp is coming to my flat today to put more hardware in the server that I “acquired” from their offices. This should be interesting. I think I’ll have to sweep the floors a bit and wipe up all the fucking milk drop stains that Scott likes to leave on the wooden kitchen floor.

Oh yeah, Benecke and Byrne dropped by on Saturday for a quiet one. We watched Tromeo and Juliet whilst downing a couple of KBs. The next day, Benecke didn’t have his phone on and had stayed at his girlfriend’s place overnight. His mum got quite worried when he hadn’t come home or called to say where he was and started a phone call spree that resulted in me telling the truth as I saw it occur the night before versus Byrne lying about what happened trying to cover for Benecke as he assumed his mum didn’t know he’d had a girlfriend for 3 months and had been sleeping there on numerous occasions.

In the end it was all sorted out and I get the impression Benecke lost his balls to his mother’s fury. I think his upcoming 12 month expedition to France will only become more welcome in his own eyes after that.

I’m visiting my old mate Harris this Thursday night. He’s said he’ll cook a steak for me. The offer of a home-cooked dinner from some guy I went to school with and haven’t seen in years is both welcoming and a little odd. I suppose I can’t really comment on anyone seeming odd, though. It just sounds funny to get a call from a guy you’ve almost lost contact with and he says “come over to my place on Thursday night and I’ll give you some hot steak”. Undoubtedly, I’ll be there.

Mum has declared that she is coming here this Saturday with dad to “spring clean” the apartment. While I welcome the offer of free and thorough house cleaning, it’s going to be a little bit weird that she’ll be cleaning out everything in the place that I’ve lived in for nearly a year now while I’m at work. Never mind. It’ll be shiny!

Lou returns on Tuesday morning. I’ll have to make sure I have a somewhat early night on Monday so that I’m able to wake up and get to the airport to pick her up at the ungodly hour of 7:50am. Now that her return is imminent, it feels like it’s taking forever. Admittedly, the last 4-and-a-bit months felt as though they have progressed quickly, so maybe it’s just time evening itself out.

Next Saturday is a big day on many calendars. Partly due to the majority of female parents who become up the duff during Christmas and New Year. About 4 people I can think of off the top of my head are having birthday parties and another guy is coming back to Australia after spending a year and a half abroad. Good old ringo. I think he’ll be in for a surprise when he sees the current state of the gaming scene. Nonetheless, things should get a bit more interesting now that he’s back.

Fark. My feet hurt, too.


Drunk woman dies in cemetery accident.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – An inebriated Belgian woman died in a freak accident when she ended up beneath a heavy grave stone at a cemetery, local news agency Belga said Wednesday.

The 33-year-old was on her way home from a bar in the Belgian town of Pulle in the early hours of Saturday when she took a short cut through the cemetery.

But she urgently needed to relieve herself and crouched down between two gravestones. As she lost her balance, she grabbed one of the stones which gave way and landed on top of her.

The public prosecutor’s office said she died of suffocation as she was unable to lift the heavy stone.

That’s an impressive way to go.


I love 4chan. I know a lot of people think it can be of poor taste, but that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. There are some safe-for-work forums on there but where’s the fun in that?

Anyway, I’ve been lurking on that site for quite a while now. It’s a great way to kill time. <3 /b/.

One thing that turned up that some of you might like to play with for all of 50 seconds: Sand Art. Try it out.

This one lasts about 10 seconds: Google Logo Maker.

I found this page linked once, too. I think it was from 4chan. I can’t remember now. It’s an entertaining (in my mind) browse: For Sale By Mental Patient. Strangely, I haven’t seen that page turn up anywhere else before. It’s worthy of at least some kind of cult following.

Lately I’ve been clocking up some hours playing the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII after (again) failing to get past disc one of Final Fantasy VII. I don’t mind FF7, but I don’t like most of the characters. This was the third time I’ve attempted to play through it (I still haven’t gotten past where I was up to the first time) and after I read through the complete plot/storyline on GameFAQs I didn’t think it was worth it. The “shocker” at the end of disc one and the ending itself would have just irritated and/or disappointed me if I’d injected 100+ hours in to playing through the whole game. Sure, you can finish it in under 40 but I’m one of those annoying people who has to get 100% of everything done (within reason), meaning I kill a lot of time doing stuff that isn’t really required. Maybe the FF7 “sequel” Advent Children will be cool. Bah, of course it will be. I know I’ll end up playing it, somehow.

So, having found out exactly what happens in FF7 and feeling tired of it anyway, I fired up FF8 after Scott started playing his PSX version on his PC with an emulator. The PC version of FF8 is good enough, although I really miss having the save state and frame skip functionality that you get from an emulator. I’m coping, though. It’s definitely a fun game. It has its own specific annoyances, but which game doesn’t, right? Right.

Sorry to bore everyone with all that gaming talk. God forbid.

What else is on the agenda? Let’s see.

I’m still plodding through Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon. I’m enjoying it, but it’s just taking me forever. I think it’s about 1150 pages and I’m up to about 750, give or take a few dozen. I started reading it last semester during my 2 hour breaks on Fridays. Over the holidays I didn’t really touch it too much and now I don’t have any breaks at uni (since I’m barely there), so I’m reading it before I go to sleep and when I can’t be arsed playing any games.

Oh, yeah. I’ve decided I’m going to find some good old 70s funk music and throw a party. 70s porn-groove-funk style music. Something to get people shaking. It’s actually hard to find good porn music, as Scott and I found out last night. I’ve been going through hundreds of CD samples on various music sites trying to find appropriate tracks. If anyone knows anything catchy, let me know.

By the way, I finally got around to trying out Google Earth. It’s certainly better than Google Maps. It’s kind of useless, really, but I did title this entry as “distracted”.


I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I deliberately only use 1 word in my subjects for each entry. Only a couple of early entries defy this format. Fascinating.

I’ve been out at a Winesoc dinner and I’ve decided to write something. I think that (like most people) I open up more under the influence of alcohol and speak about more interesting things. Unfortunately there’s also the trade off of being lazier, so it doesn’t guarantee that I’ll actually say anything more in-depth or interesting that the usual boring bullshit I usually post.

So, what can I reveal to all of the 2 or so people that actually take interest in what I write here that is somewhat ground-breaking? Well, let’s see… There’s plenty of things I could say, but they’d probably be incriminating and come back to ruin my life within a few years. Fortunately I’ve always been self-aware enough to know when to hold back, even under the influence of alcohol. ;) Don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal.

I met a gamer tonight, one that I actually know/have played against/remember. That was pretty cool. I told him we should meet up during semester and drink a few beers and the like. He seemed genuinely interested and that’s enough for me. Did you notice I’ve changed tangent? Yes, I open up but still not too much. It’s more fun being a prick tease. Oh yes.

I hope all my effort at typing is paying off. It’s hard to hit the right keys, even with my awe-inspiring touch typing skills. Being a good typist makes me feel like a big man. I remember it always used to impress people whenever they saw me typing on computers at school and elsewhere. It’s like an extended e-penis but without the e… Although, it had something else instead of the e, so it wasn’t just an extended penis. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Geez. I’m starting to get dizzy and tired. I have to be up at like 7:30 am. That’s only 5 hours away. I wanted to bum a cigarette off Chandler tonight, so I could have a cigarette with coffee tomorrow afternoon. I’ve heard quite a few times that those two drugs seem to go well together, even though I can’t imagine it. I forgot to steal a dart though, so it’ll just have to be coffee on its own, unless I burn some paper and inhale the fumes from that. Somehow I don’t think it’ll carry the same effect.

I spent $40 on taxis tonight. Donated a bottle of Wolf Blass wine to my table and spent about $15 on drinks, plus another $10 on food. $65 for a night out, plus the $30 on the dinner. $95. I really shouldn’t have bothered going to North Sydney. That’s where $60 went of my night. What a pisser. I had Oportos. It was typical of Oportos, ie: bland. At least I shared my chips with some Macedonian guy called Bogdan who swore he’d had a foursome with 3 other girls (due to him being a guitarist in a band and having shoulder-length curly hair) in a gay bar. I have to admit, I ‘m jealous. I’ve never picked up in a gay bar (although I’ve come close, believe it or not), let alone scored a mini orgy with 3 other women. It’s almost offensive that a nerdy guy called Bogdan can, I have to admit. He was nice enough, though. I shared my Oportos chips with him, because I’m sweet.

Anyway, I’m falling asleep here in my chair, so I may as well at least doze off in the bed that I slept in until 12pm this afternoon. Good night, freaks.


redknob: i'd probably be eating something nice
redknob: but the cupboards are literally bare
redknob: and it's too cold to go to the shops
redknob: plus i already had 1 and a half big servings of reheated macaroni and cheese
redknob: so i've probably eaten enough for the day
Eri: hehehe
Eri: ive never eaten macroni and cheese before
redknob: i must remember to buy toilet paper tomorrow, lest we end up in an unfortunate predicament
redknob: you're missing out
redknob: it's one of those good old comfort foods
redknob: except i'm eating it as a survival food
redknob: so it seems distinctively less filling but somehow bloating
Eri: hehe yeah
redknob: in the way that only microwaved reheated pasta can
Eri: oh don't forget that toilet paper
Eri: that would suck!
redknob: yesh
redknob: it would
redknob: you know
redknob: i always have high hopes whenever i'm about to go to the supermarket
redknob: then they always come crashing down around me when i see that there's never anything that good to buy in them anyway
redknob: i keep expecting for there to be some magical awesome product you can buy
redknob: that meets the expectations of the unclear dream i have of finding something truly awesome whenever i go shopping
redknob: instead i usually end up with a vanilla malt oak
redknob: this shit is good, i should write it in my journal


We won the rugby. Yay.

Let’s see, what’s happening…

I dropped in to a new friend’s party on Friday night after work: one of the girls I met on the Hunter trip the other day. It was pretty groovy even though I was all on my lonesome and barely knew anyone. There were enough drunken people stumbling around to keep me entertained. I suppose that’s good enough.

This week I’m going to be pretty bored. I should probably do some more shifts at work, but I can’t be fucked. I’ve sorted out my tax return. Hopefully I’ll get about $500 or so back, woot! I also got about $250 cash on Saturday night from all the guys after I bought their rugby tickets for them weeks ago. My wallet is about to burst. It’s a comforting feeling. Unfortunately it also means my pants keep falling down with all the shrapnel stuck in the back pocket of my jeans. At least I’ll be loaded and naked. Another comforting feeling.

In other (old) news, Jennifer Agutter was hot. I knew this the first time I saw Logan’s Run years ago, I just don’t believe I ever recorded the fact anywhere. Even the guys from Coupling say so, so I must be right.


Seems both Reuters’ and CNN’s networks have collapsed after the London bombings. Nothing like a surge to really fuck up a network admin’s day.

I suppose now that this has happened it’s a little irrelevant to talk up my trip to the Hunter with Winesoc. Since the dust hasn’t quite settled yet, I’ll at least mention it.

I bought 3 bottles of wine and had a good time. Met lots of new people and maybe even a new friend or two, but we’ll see. On the second night I wore a netball costume that I bought that night from the Cessnock Lowes store. My legs are still hot.

Only one person spewed the whole trip, which is a new record as far as I know.

Apparently on the second night I must have looked like the walking dead. I felt really tired and completely pissed, but I didn’t pass out or do anything embarrassing (except for eating a carrot carved in to the shape of a penis). Everyone was asking me how I was doing the next day, so I must have looked much worse than I felt.

I had to go to work as soon as I got off the bus yesterday afternoon. :( I need the money, though, and I survived. That must mean it wasn’t so bad.

It’s very tempting to crack open the bottle of dessert wine I bought. I haven’t had any dessert, but so what, right?


I’ve been researching virtual private servers for hosting the team.dot website. Some of the deals out there look pretty sweet. Unfortunately, CoreVPS doesn’t allow IRC services. The bastards. PowerVPS might, but I’m going to have to email them and see.

Anyway, on a whim I decided to fork out AUS$57.07 to own the domain “redknob.net” for the next 5 years. I was tempted to go for 10 but I didn’t want to blow all that money on something that I wouldn’t have any real use for yet. Namecheap are just that, if anyone is interested. Some stupid farm has registered redknob.com. What an embarrassment. Maybe I can get the domain in 2007. I’ll have to keep checking.

Ohh, I’m the hypertext guru tonight!

Shame I still need to do more study tomorrow. Brett was pissed when I said I wouldn’t be coming in to work tonight. Oh well.


This should change on every reload.

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hehe. The simple things.

Well, exams soon. Next week in fact. Only databases in week 1 of exams, then e-business and project management in the second week. I have a 2 hour exam review session to be at in an hour and it looks like I wont be showering if I expect to make it there on time (and have some toast).

That’ll be the kick-start to my study, actually. I haven’t looked at anything yet. Strangely enough, I’ve been to all of my lectures (well, the ones that the lecturer presented) for databases and project management, so I feel somewhat confident about them. E-business is a different story: I’ve skipped about 8 or 9 of those. Oh well. I get the impression most of the course is similar to things I’ve already studied. I hope so, at least.

It’s been just over 5 weeks since left for her trip. Only 14 weeks to go! Whackadoo. It’s gone pretty fast, admittedly. I still have to reply to her email. I mark them as “personal” in Thunderbird, just so I can pretend I’m important and need to label my mail in case it was audited, or something.

I bought a new video card! Well, a second hand one that hasn’t been used. Yes, I got an nVidia 6800GT. It’s pretty funky (no purple bars of doom like my old busted card), but it seems to heat up when I have all the details running on full at 1280×1024 in the Battlefield 2 demo. It starts getting artifacts and the textures fuck up after a little while, when the card heats up to about 90°. :O I think I may have to plug my case fan back in to try and keep it cool. If only this place wasn’t so fucking dusty, I wouldn’t mind. If I use the fan, all the dust layers around the grill on the front of my case in a nice, thick clump. The grill stops most of it, but fine dust still gets through into the machine and so over time it becomes like an abandoned library inside the case. I must admit it’s kind of fun cleaning it out. There’s something satisfying about dusting with a paintbrush and seeing all the metal become shiny and new again.