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hehe. The simple things.

Well, exams soon. Next week in fact. Only databases in week 1 of exams, then e-business and project management in the second week. I have a 2 hour exam review session to be at in an hour and it looks like I wont be showering if I expect to make it there on time (and have some toast).

That’ll be the kick-start to my study, actually. I haven’t looked at anything yet. Strangely enough, I’ve been to all of my lectures (well, the ones that the lecturer presented) for databases and project management, so I feel somewhat confident about them. E-business is a different story: I’ve skipped about 8 or 9 of those. Oh well. I get the impression most of the course is similar to things I’ve already studied. I hope so, at least.

It’s been just over 5 weeks since left for her trip. Only 14 weeks to go! Whackadoo. It’s gone pretty fast, admittedly. I still have to reply to her email. I mark them as “personal” in Thunderbird, just so I can pretend I’m important and need to label my mail in case it was audited, or something.

I bought a new video card! Well, a second hand one that hasn’t been used. Yes, I got an nVidia 6800GT. It’s pretty funky (no purple bars of doom like my old busted card), but it seems to heat up when I have all the details running on full at 1280×1024 in the Battlefield 2 demo. It starts getting artifacts and the textures fuck up after a little while, when the card heats up to about 90°. :O I think I may have to plug my case fan back in to try and keep it cool. If only this place wasn’t so fucking dusty, I wouldn’t mind. If I use the fan, all the dust layers around the grill on the front of my case in a nice, thick clump. The grill stops most of it, but fine dust still gets through into the machine and so over time it becomes like an abandoned library inside the case. I must admit it’s kind of fun cleaning it out. There’s something satisfying about dusting with a paintbrush and seeing all the metal become shiny and new again.