redknob: i'd probably be eating something nice
redknob: but the cupboards are literally bare
redknob: and it's too cold to go to the shops
redknob: plus i already had 1 and a half big servings of reheated macaroni and cheese
redknob: so i've probably eaten enough for the day
Eri: hehehe
Eri: ive never eaten macroni and cheese before
redknob: i must remember to buy toilet paper tomorrow, lest we end up in an unfortunate predicament
redknob: you're missing out
redknob: it's one of those good old comfort foods
redknob: except i'm eating it as a survival food
redknob: so it seems distinctively less filling but somehow bloating
Eri: hehe yeah
redknob: in the way that only microwaved reheated pasta can
Eri: oh don't forget that toilet paper
Eri: that would suck!
redknob: yesh
redknob: it would
redknob: you know
redknob: i always have high hopes whenever i'm about to go to the supermarket
redknob: then they always come crashing down around me when i see that there's never anything that good to buy in them anyway
redknob: i keep expecting for there to be some magical awesome product you can buy
redknob: that meets the expectations of the unclear dream i have of finding something truly awesome whenever i go shopping
redknob: instead i usually end up with a vanilla malt oak
redknob: this shit is good, i should write it in my journal


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