Seems both Reuters’ and CNN’s networks have collapsed after the London bombings. Nothing like a surge to really fuck up a network admin’s day.

I suppose now that this has happened it’s a little irrelevant to talk up my trip to the Hunter with Winesoc. Since the dust hasn’t quite settled yet, I’ll at least mention it.

I bought 3 bottles of wine and had a good time. Met lots of new people and maybe even a new friend or two, but we’ll see. On the second night I wore a netball costume that I bought that night from the Cessnock Lowes store. My legs are still hot.

Only one person spewed the whole trip, which is a new record as far as I know.

Apparently on the second night I must have looked like the walking dead. I felt really tired and completely pissed, but I didn’t pass out or do anything embarrassing (except for eating a carrot carved in to the shape of a penis). Everyone was asking me how I was doing the next day, so I must have looked much worse than I felt.

I had to go to work as soon as I got off the bus yesterday afternoon. :( I need the money, though, and I survived. That must mean it wasn’t so bad.

It’s very tempting to crack open the bottle of dessert wine I bought. I haven’t had any dessert, but so what, right?


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