I’ve been researching virtual private servers for hosting the team.dot website. Some of the deals out there look pretty sweet. Unfortunately, CoreVPS doesn’t allow IRC services. The bastards. PowerVPS might, but I’m going to have to email them and see.

Anyway, on a whim I decided to fork out AUS$57.07 to own the domain “redknob.net” for the next 5 years. I was tempted to go for 10 but I didn’t want to blow all that money on something that I wouldn’t have any real use for yet. Namecheap are just that, if anyone is interested. Some stupid farm has registered redknob.com. What an embarrassment. Maybe I can get the domain in 2007. I’ll have to keep checking.

Ohh, I’m the hypertext guru tonight!

Shame I still need to do more study tomorrow. Brett was pissed when I said I wouldn’t be coming in to work tonight. Oh well.


9 thoughts on “DNS.

  1. I’ve got a few boxes you can host your shit on. Ask iceman about it. Three cheers for the O2.conspiracy .

  2. Well.
    If you want dedicated hosting, you can have it.
    I’ll set you up with an ftp and ssh account and help you get it onto my server, if you want.

  3. So close, but no.

    I’d try and find you on IRC but noip klined me for linking to spinnaz. :s


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