Poker is poking me

So I’ve been studying hard and it’s definitely paid off. Lots of books and forums and bleeding eyes.

I leapt forward in my first 800 hands on Full Tilt Poker to a huge ROI but now I’m on a bit of a downswing, although I have misplayed a few key hands and it hasn’t helped me. The bigger problem is that my good hands either haven’t been paid, or I get sucked out on/lose to a crappy draw against the odds.

Today’s sessions have been very frustrating, to say the least. I managed to avoid hitting a set with pocket pairs 35 times in a row in over 600 hands – a probability of about 1.1% (I think?).

In fact, out of 48 pocket pairs today I only hit trips on the flop twice. In 960 hands!

Perhaps that’s evening out my very arsey but very well played burst of making good money on Triobet poker last night. I had a few huge and cheeky hands in a short time and took some folks to the cleaners.

So, I guess overall I’ve made about… $40 playing small stakes games for the last few days. I have to be happy with that. Just the bad streak ruins the fun.


Not my day

This won’t make any sense if you don’t know much about poker.

I just blew about $30 of money that wasn’t mine on poker today (which lessens the pain, at least). Talk about a bad beat.

Every time I had a genuinely strong hand, no one was in the pot. $0.05/$0.10 blinds and the biggest pot I could take in about 300 hands was $0.30.

Every time I tried something a bit more speculative (for mid-price calls) I got no action on the table.

Every time I folded a upper-mid range hand I would have had the nut flush on the flop.

Every time I tried to push people out of pots when I had a strong hand, people just kept calling (against pot odds) for draws, then hitting them on the river and beating my hand.

I ended up going balls-out in one hand, with 2 pair, jack high. I lost it to someone who was ace high and it cost me about $8.

The final straw was losing all-in with pocket kings to a guy with pocket aces. $10.

I’m very tempted to stick to video games from now on.


I just found out why my Internet speed constantly drops from 12Mb/s to 4Mb/s: it’s meant to.

Yes. The first few seconds of the file (depending on its size) will go at the full 12Mb/s in order to “PowerBoost” it. Then it’s throttled. What the fuck is that about?

I’m pissed off that I wasn’t aware of that at the time that we signed up. I’m also pissed our landlord recommended this stupid company to us as they also provide shit cable TV (mostly in Russian). We should have gone Elion but she said Starman was already connected and that we would have Internet in our flat. She didn’t tell us that she’d “sold” the router and modem first and that we would have to buy our own and then sign a new contract for it… So we never actually had it in the first place. Christ almighty.

In other news, I rejoined the gym. Deane visited. Other people keep hanging around. Marika went to Sweden today with her mum. I’m sick of having skin like a desert. I’m beginning to lose hair. I don’t do much apart from sit around in my flat playing games or wasting time browsing the web (at 4Mb/s after 10 seconds).

Fuck it.


I just checked Elion. If we went with them it would have been a genuine 12Mb/s for half the fucking price. AHHHHH. I am very annoyed.

*Update 2*

Oh and we already had our own modem/router that works with Elion but we had to buy a separate one for Starman as they were not compatible. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :(


5 games on the Steam store from EU: 49.95 euros.

The same 5 games on the Steam store from Australia: $47

Fuck you.

New Year, again.

Well, guess who is fucking working for the new year? Yes, me. Again. For the 8th year in a row. I guess it’s hard to hire suckers this consistently.

Anyway. Anyone that got drunk and passed out, you’re a cunt because someone like me probably had to tell you to get out and/or fuck off. Try being responsible for everyone in a room full of carefree alcoholics at the most free-spirited time of year.

Yeah, I knew you weren’t interested.

Vomit smells great.

Christmas Eve and I'm bored shitless

So it’s the 24th now, technically. I have nothing interesting to do on my laptop, so I’m complaining about it here.

As far as I know, this day is the day of celebration for the natives over here. How quaint. None of them are days of celebration for me, but I still spend money on people to make them feel happier.

Apparently I have to cook a “traditional Australian Christmas lunch/dinner” for the 25th. I don’t even know what the fuck that could be, let alone where to find any ingredients over here that would remotely resemble “Australian food”.

I even asked one of my many compatriots that happen to be residing here over the holiday season. They don’t know what constitutes Down Under cuisine either.

Halfway through my now-expired holiday I began growing a hearty beard. I’ve shaved the skin around it three times since it began sprouting. I confess I enjoy letting my moustache tickle my lips when I think no-one is looking.

My parents sent me new shoes! They’re red and fruity, like me. I gave away my sole pack of Tim Tams to Marika’s mother as a present and am slowly devouring my way through a bag of Cherry Ripes. Alright.

Fuck all of you cunts

From MSN:

redknob says (10:55 PM):
now that we have youtube we get all these egocentric, vapid, useless people coming out of the woodwork
bringing no message apart from their arrogance
polluting the internet, minds and the airwaves
and it just continues in a cycle of stupidity
i fucking hate it
marika says (10:56 PM):
but whatabout this redhead guy
redknob says (10:56 PM):
the good side is that good videos come out
marika says (10:56 PM):
young guy
redknob says (10:56 PM):
people with ideas or somethign to say
or videos from interesting places
or current events
and that’s what makes it a good site
but all this stupid camera whoring and self worship and random, vapid, intelligence-insulting shit
makes me want to punch things
redknob says (10:57 PM):
especially these 2 people sitting on the couch in front of me dry humping
and face raping each other
marika says (10:57 PM):
poor ollie
marika says (10:58 PM):
how will look internet in 15 years
redknob says (10:58 PM):
same as now
98% crap
99% crap actually
or more
attention seeking
polluting decent commentary and messages
marika says (10:58 PM):
redknob says (10:58 PM):
just with better graphics
and more interactive

Prove me wrong.