Christmas Eve and I'm bored shitless

So it’s the 24th now, technically. I have nothing interesting to do on my laptop, so I’m complaining about it here.

As far as I know, this day is the day of celebration for the natives over here. How quaint. None of them are days of celebration for me, but I still spend money on people to make them feel happier.

Apparently I have to cook a “traditional Australian Christmas lunch/dinner” for the 25th. I don’t even know what the fuck that could be, let alone where to find any ingredients over here that would remotely resemble “Australian food”.

I even asked one of my many compatriots that happen to be residing here over the holiday season. They don’t know what constitutes Down Under cuisine either.

Halfway through my now-expired holiday I began growing a hearty beard. I’ve shaved the skin around it three times since it began sprouting. I confess I enjoy letting my moustache tickle my lips when I think no-one is looking.

My parents sent me new shoes! They’re red and fruity, like me. I gave away my sole pack of Tim Tams to Marika’s mother as a present and am slowly devouring my way through a bag of Cherry Ripes. Alright.