Not my day

This won’t make any sense if you don’t know much about poker.

I just blew about $30 of money that wasn’t mine on poker today (which lessens the pain, at least). Talk about a bad beat.

Every time I had a genuinely strong hand, no one was in the pot. $0.05/$0.10 blinds and the biggest pot I could take in about 300 hands was $0.30.

Every time I tried something a bit more speculative (for mid-price calls) I got no action on the table.

Every time I folded a upper-mid range hand I would have had the nut flush on the flop.

Every time I tried to push people out of pots when I had a strong hand, people just kept calling (against pot odds) for draws, then hitting them on the river and beating my hand.

I ended up going balls-out in one hand, with 2 pair, jack high. I lost it to someone who was ace high and it cost me about $8.

The final straw was losing all-in with pocket kings to a guy with pocket aces. $10.

I’m very tempted to stick to video games from now on.