I just found out why my Internet speed constantly drops from 12Mb/s to 4Mb/s: it’s meant to.

Yes. The first few seconds of the file (depending on its size) will go at the full 12Mb/s in order to “PowerBoost” it. Then it’s throttled. What the fuck is that about?

I’m pissed off that I wasn’t aware of that at the time that we signed up. I’m also pissed our landlord recommended this stupid company to us as they also provide shit cable TV (mostly in Russian). We should have gone Elion but she said Starman was already connected and that we would have Internet in our flat. She didn’t tell us that she’d “sold” the router and modem first and that we would have to buy our own and then sign a new contract for it… So we never actually had it in the first place. Christ almighty.

In other news, I rejoined the gym. Deane visited. Other people keep hanging around. Marika went to Sweden today with her mum. I’m sick of having skin like a desert. I’m beginning to lose hair. I don’t do much apart from sit around in my flat playing games or wasting time browsing the web (at 4Mb/s after 10 seconds).

Fuck it.


I just checked Elion. If we went with them it would have been a genuine 12Mb/s for half the fucking price. AHHHHH. I am very annoyed.

*Update 2*

Oh and we already had our own modem/router that works with Elion but we had to buy a separate one for Starman as they were not compatible. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :(