What the fuck was I just doing?

Inexplicably, I decided to try a different style of playing in my most recent poker session. Being really automatic, predictable and just not trying anything fancy at all. Nothing nothing nothing but strong hands or reasonable hands from good position.

It jarred me a lot and I tilted very quickly, losing my stack by jamming all-in with a paired queen to slowplaying aces. Sure, I was unlucky that he had it but I was also stupid for playing like a fucking moron.

I think I mistook the messages about playing “solid poker” and tried to clamp down hard on my (so far) winning style. I don’t know why I got into that mentality, I guess I was genuinely experimenting. Well, it was clearly a failure. My hard grinding from earlier was just pissed away.

Not to worry, I’m still ahead and have been reviewing my plays, trying to find leaks. My biggest problem seems to be keeping focused when I win early, as I tend to play too hard with shitty hands after I make a good profit. If I just keep to the style that’s been working for me I should continue improving.

Sorry for everyone that doesn’t care. I’ll post something more interesting another day.


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