Poker is poking me

So I’ve been studying hard and it’s definitely paid off. Lots of books and forums and bleeding eyes.

I leapt forward in my first 800 hands on Full Tilt Poker to a huge ROI but now I’m on a bit of a downswing, although I have misplayed a few key hands and it hasn’t helped me. The bigger problem is that my good hands either haven’t been paid, or I get sucked out on/lose to a crappy draw against the odds.

Today’s sessions have been very frustrating, to say the least. I managed to avoid hitting a set with pocket pairs 35 times in a row in over 600 hands – a probability of about 1.1% (I think?).

In fact, out of 48 pocket pairs today I only hit trips on the flop twice. In 960 hands!

Perhaps that’s evening out my very arsey but very well played burst of making good money on Triobet poker last night. I had a few huge and cheeky hands in a short time and took some folks to the cleaners.

So, I guess overall I’ve made about… $40 playing small stakes games for the last few days. I have to be happy with that. Just the bad streak ruins the fun.


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