Good luck. I’m counting on all of you.

This may be my last entry. In a few hours I will begin my bucks party. I have no idea what it will involve. I have no idea if that is for the best.

If I don’t make it back alive I want you, dear readers, to only mourn for a short while. Move on. I will not hold it against you. Continue enjoying life.

I get the impression that one way or another I’m going to get wet.


Survival of the leastest – a decade of rambling

I (we?) did it! Ten years of nothing. It’s almost like Seinfeld, but their writers had a production schedule.

What have I learnt?

  • Don’t leave LiveJournal if you already have a following, because they won’t… follow any more.
  • No one cares about personality graphs/questionnaires so don’t post them on your blog.
  • It’s more fun hosting your own website (with a blog on it) than putting it up for free via
  • Keep posting regularly if you want to make any of it worth the while.

Too bad I couldn’t take my own advice for some of that.

Anyone know any good web hosts these days, by the way? Tempted to play around with that again.

There I go again, assuming someone will reply in the comments.

Anyway, I guess I can take the countdown module off the site now… Unless I update it for some other event. Like a wedding. Hm.

Marika and I have a wedding website that is not quite finished. I suppose I should update that today. I would link it here but that would remove the fun of it. Try and find it yourselves, or just ask us directly. Cop that.

Getting the clothes ready for the wedding has been a nuisance for the boys, but really easy for the girls. All they needed was 1 dress. I wish we wore dresses. It’d end up cheaper and make things easier to organise, that’s for sure.

I bought a new Logitech gaming accessory bundle, with headphones, keyboard and mouse. They’re all quite impressive but the keyboard isn’t quite as good as the simple old Logitech media one that I bought. This means I can’t spin the volume with a dial like I would normally and worst of all the keys are quite stiff… Leading to more typos on my behalf. Actually I think I’ve just gotten worse in the past few years with typing. It must be age setting in, spazzing out my motor abilities and reflexes.

I’m sick as a dog at the moment. Since the weekend (which was a long weekend). Nasty chest infection and nose permanently blocked and runny. There’s only so much Lemsip can remedy. I’ve been covering myself in bed sheets to try and sweat it out. I don’t really know if that works but I’ve had success with it in the past and it feels warm, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Unfortunately I’ve had to resort to using toilet paper instead of tissues for my nose. There just aren’t enough in the box to last long enough with a cold like this. This loo roll may as well be made of sandpaper though. I think I’ve ground my nose back  half a centimetre by now. It’s amazing that the body can continually produce so much mucous. Amazing and irritating.

We’ve got two esteemed Estonian guests living with us at the moment. They’ve settled in nicely which is reassuring. Both found jobs in careers they’re interested in and even splashed out on some new skateboards for the hell of it. Good work. Too bad neither of them drink whiskey.

Not really sure where I’m going with this so I’ll put a full stop and say thanks for hanging around this past decade.

More TV

We’ve been having a crash course in Breaking Bad this week. It’s good but frustrating to watch. Not much else to say about it really as we are a few years behind the boat. I will say though that I would have preferred to begin watching it after the series concluded. Nothing is more irritating than getting “up to speed” on a series then having to grind out the week-to-week. It’s just not as satisfying to see a story unfold each chapter weeks or months apart. Then again, I suppose it gives people something to look forward to.

There’s already enough for me to look forward to that’s not on a television screen but I kind of feel like I’m just going through the motions. I need to do more on weekends. Marika’s schedule doesn’t help, since she’s usually working and I’m too… something… to chase up other people to hang out with in my free time. Then again, no one ever seems to want to chase me up either. Kind of sad, really. Maybe it’s all a vicious cycle. Maybe it’s just from getting old. Maybe it’s due to geographical distance. Maybe no one is really interested any more. Maybe it’s a bit of everything.

Well, at least next weekend is booked. We’re going to check out wedding rings. I’m glad I won’t have to peruse solo. Every time I go window shopping alone I find it tiresome and unproductive. If I’m shopping with a goal in mind it’s not so bad because I’ll usually head straight for where I think it’s being sold, take a look and then decide to buy it. Then I go home. When I’m window shopping I just see a few things I may be interested in but then talk myself out of them. I’ll often even talk myself out of getting food for lunch because I start to feel a bit weird. I actually lost a lot of weight when I was backpacking due to this. It may sound strange but I was definitely in great shape. I suppose I was also nearly 7 years younger.


Don’t think I’ve updated this in the AM much, ever. Fascinating.

Had a nice weekend, got to Lloyd and Kerry’s wedding which was very enjoyable. Tip of the hat to them. The weather held out long enough to let all the action occur without any real interruptions, so that was a bonus.

Speaking of weekends, I’m kind of bummed that it wasn’t another long one. I’ve kind of had three in a row and I believe it’s a lifestyle I can get right behind. It’s a shame there aren’t many real options to work 12 hours/day for 3 days/week because that’s another thing I can get right behind. Finding something worthwhile to do with the extra 4 days off is another challenge but it’s not a bad one to have, is it?

Clocks rolled back an hour this week and it has immediately begun feeling dark at 6pm again. A shame. It feels better commuting in the daylight. Driving home from work at night has a trace of depression in it, I think. Even when one’s home, when it gets dark earlier it makes time itself seem to pass faster until all of a sudden it’s after midnight and bam, you’re probably going to be late for work. “Probably” is inaccurate, actually.

We’ve booked accommodation in Thailand for after our wedding. I’d reveal the location but I don’t want any of you groupies making a surprise appearance. Marika will give it away anyway. 3 nights in Thailand is 90% cheaper than 9 nights in Tallinn. I know that’s not actually comparative… fuck it. Still hurts. I suppose the place in Tallinn did offer to pick us up and drop us back off at the airport in a limousine. For 25 euro each way. Not so VIP now, are we?

Oh, look at the time. I’m late.


Yes, two updates within a week.

I can’t even remember the last time I did that. Was it even this decade? Ah, yes, it was. Just. It shouldn’t count either but I guess with my irregular publishing schedule we’ll have to count anything that occurs: It’s too hot and Leaving.

You may be wondering why this blitz of posting? I’m not sure. I guess I kind of exposed the existence of this silly thing the other day to a wider audience (hello) so I feel obliged. I used to make posts regularly when I created this blog (although it was originally a LiveJournal). I can’t remember if it was because I wanted a lot of attention or because I had an audience, or a combination of both. Leaving this page static is just a waste anyway, so I suppose it’s time to pull my finger out.

Speaking of LiveJournal, I actually miss the “mood descriptor”. To be honest though I think I usually used “drunk”. That probably makes sense, since writing is easier after a few drops. Right? I think I heard that somewhere. Works for me at least.

Today is the last day of this fucking soup diet. I am currently heating up brown rice for breakfast. With nothing else. Now that’s how you bring in Easter, folks! I think I’m going to stay up and at the stroke of midnight have some whisky to relax/celebrate/cry into for this past week. I have lost like 3 kilos as of yesterday. I’ll weigh myself later today to see how big a loser I truly am. Undoubtedly I’ll gain it back in a few days from actually eating palatable stuff, but oh well.

So, wedding plans! Hotel booked. Alcohol quandary. How much is enough but how much is too much? We don’t want the place to run dry but we don’t want to have too many leftovers either. I suppose we could just donate them to  fortunate family and friends. Budget starting to look intimidating but we’re adding all the big items so that’s normal. Never mind. May as well enjoy it for all the effort it’ll take!

I really want to go and do something or hang out with people but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything enjoyable because of this stupid fucking diet. Fuck you, you ruined my week and my weekend. Might pike it if I get an offer today.

Fucking tomatoes

I have a low tolerance for them at the best of times. Sure, they’re fine as a base for sauce, or diced up on bruschetta or something light like that. 7 days of tomato soup is just a joke, though. Actually, it might be the green capsicum that is making me nauseous. I’m not big on capsicum chunks, like I’m not big on tomato chunks.

Yep. I’m on that kick start diet again. It’s easier than doing P90x, at least. I think. Apart from the boring food. Today was 3 bananas day… and soup.

Not sure how much weight I’ll lose but it can’t hurt. I lost about 10kg last year through exercise, but then gained 5 back along with a distinct loss of muscle in the months after I relapsed into my old habits of basically being inactive and imbibing beer. Thankfully, I’ve been eating relatively well. It’s the lack of balance that catches up to me. Doesn’t liposuction remove fat cells so they don’t grow back? Someone told me that once and I’d like to believe it. A pipe dream.

Now to the important part: No cat yet. Wedding this year. In Estonia. Politics came into play but we have been navigating through it without too much drama. I should probably make a wedding website or something. Too bad I killed my hosting a few years ago. I might just get another one for the sake of it. I like pissing money away on servers and hosting that I barely use. It makes me feel like I’m doing something clever. Maybe one day someone will even notice it.

I guess I don’t promote any of this crap enough. I’m a bit of a negative nancy/quasi privacy nut when it comes to exposing my online life. Not just my online life, actually, but that makes sense to me.

Bonus gossip: I think I actually want 2 cats.

Tomorrow is Thursday but it’s figuratively Friday on the work day calendar. The actual Friday is still on Friday, but it’s Good Friday. So that’s good. The following Tuesday will be Monday but at least Friday will only feel like we’re up to Thursday. I have to start work early tomorrow to cover for absent staff. I should probably go to bed now so that I don’t feel quite so upset for waking up before my natural rhythm. After this, methinks.

It’s actually unusual for me to go to bed the night before the following day. Typically I won’t retire until after midnight. More bad habits? I think I just don’t like “giving up” on the day and want to pretend I’m squeezing the most out of it, even if that means I just end up playing games or watching TV. Wow, this is inspiring.

I’m making a conscious effort (finally) to improve my un-mastery of eesti keeles (and English, evidently). I’m four fourteenths (or was it five?) through my latest instruction book. I can still read the language quite comfortably, at least at the beginner or intermediate level. Conversationally I can’t process the words fast enough to speak, although I can usually follow the context and just nod along.

I could really go for a taco right now. Tacos and whisky.

On the move

Greetings. I’m 30.

Now that the hard part is over, let me tell you where I am: on a bus. A bus pretending to be a train.

That’s right! Trackwork. Originally some good folks and myself were heading to Paddington for a celebratory lawn bowls event. Judging by this weather though it will have to be postponed.

Let’s see. Quick updates. I’m still employed, own a fancy pen, a sexy juicer, new t-shirts and… I have a  fiancee! I guess getting older isn’t so bad after all.

Yep. Marika and I got engaged last year whilst on holidays in Queensland. I pulled out a not-overly-romantic-but-at-least-in-character proposal on a Noosa balcony and she said yes. I credit the warm weather for the assist.

Our challenges now are twofold: pick a country to hold our wedding in; get a pet cat. I’m not sure which task will involve more politics.


I feel like my face is melting. I suppose that’s because it is, kind of.

Peeling would be a better description.

Last weekend Marika and I went whale watching. This was a successful and fun endeavour, although we did fail in our preparation to avoid UV rays. Marika only scored a Rudolph-esque nose whereas I look like I’ve been boiled.

To celebrate our experience, we picked up my mother and hit up far north Sydney to visit my other alma mater for its annual  fair. We got there just in time to realise we’d missed out on purchasing all the good cakes, so instead wandered around admiring all the new buildings and facilities that I never got to use. The only thing I ended up purchasing was a round of drinks at the pub on the adjacent block. That was satisfactory.

I haven’t done any real exercise since very early in July. I haven’t ballooned out but I have shrivelled up. Marika’s been keen to get back into it with me, and I share the sentiment. We just lack the drive to restart the lifestyle. At least the shopping has been healthy.

It’s just coincidental, but the exercise stopped around the same time Matt moved out. The last I heard, he’d headed up to Brisbane for a few weeks. His in-laws came around to pick up some of his stuff, including “that” couch. At least it was easier to get it out of the flat than in it. This time we had better technique. I invited him to Marika’s birthday but didn’t hear back. We went anyway.

In fact, it was the birthday that led to the whale watching.

We just came full circle! I’ll end on that perfect note.

Kicking back in the wet

It’s been raining all week and will continue to rain for the next few days. There’s nothing really to do except sit inside all weekend and do nothing, apart from eat, drink, watch TV and strain my eyes via a PC monitor.

To be fair, that’s an accurate description of most of my weekends, irrelevant of the weather. Usually though it’s a choice. When it rains your hand is mostly forced.

Regarding eye strain, I now have two sets of glasses. One for work and one for home. According to the optometrist, my vision is first rate but my eyes focus too hard when I’m looking at screens. This has literally caused me headaches for months. Wearing the spectacles seems to be making a difference. Thank you, Specsavers.

Really not that much more going on. It’s been a bit of a grind week by week with no real excitement, I’m afraid.

I’ll think about it some more and see if I can make an inspirational update.

Learning the process


I’m currently on a training course for work. It’s for the ITIL framework. No, I don’t expect any of you to understand or care what I’m talking about. Anyway, it’s interesting and it means I don’t have to go into my work office all week!

Marika and I went to the Future Music Festival last weekend. It was decent but felt too short and getting there and back was a total nightmare. In the end it was still worth it as we fit to see Die Antwoord again and even New Order, who naturally played Blue Monday! Yay.

I’ve been doing P90x, the workout regime, for the past 5 weeks. I’m not even halfway through it yet but I’m seeing and feeling the benefits. I just wish I could do proper pullups. Actually I just wish I had a place to simply attempt to do them. Our flat is the least accommodating exercise centre.

I bought a Scanpan grill pan and some other cookware last night just before bed. Regular price was about $1200 but I’m getting it all for about $300. Thanks, online shopping.

My Tintin collectors book arrived yesterday, too. Haven’t opened it yet but looking forward to it. The original two comics that I haven’t read are in this volume. Very exciting.

Time to go back to class.