Survival of the leastest – a decade of rambling

I (we?) did it! Ten years of nothing. It’s almost like Seinfeld, but their writers had a production schedule.

What have I learnt?

  • Don’t leave LiveJournal if you already have a following, because they won’t… follow any more.
  • No one cares about personality graphs/questionnaires so don’t post them on your blog.
  • It’s more fun hosting your own website (with a blog on it) than putting it up for free via
  • Keep posting regularly if you want to make any of it worth the while.

Too bad I couldn’t take my own advice for some of that.

Anyone know any good web hosts these days, by the way? Tempted to play around with that again.

There I go again, assuming someone will reply in the comments.

Anyway, I guess I can take the countdown module off the site now… Unless I update it for some other event. Like a wedding. Hm.

Marika and I have a wedding website that is not quite finished. I suppose I should update that today. I would link it here but that would remove the fun of it. Try and find it yourselves, or just ask us directly. Cop that.

Getting the clothes ready for the wedding has been a nuisance for the boys, but really easy for the girls. All they needed was 1 dress. I wish we wore dresses. It’d end up cheaper and make things easier to organise, that’s for sure.

I bought a new Logitech gaming accessory bundle, with headphones, keyboard and mouse. They’re all quite impressive but the keyboard isn’t quite as good as the simple old Logitech media one that I bought. This means I can’t spin the volume with a dial like I would normally and worst of all the keys are quite stiff… Leading to more typos on my behalf. Actually I think I’ve just gotten worse in the past few years with typing. It must be age setting in, spazzing out my motor abilities and reflexes.

I’m sick as a dog at the moment. Since the weekend (which was a long weekend). Nasty chest infection and nose permanently blocked and runny. There’s only so much Lemsip can remedy. I’ve been covering myself in bed sheets to try and sweat it out. I don’t really know if that works but I’ve had success with it in the past and it feels warm, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Unfortunately I’ve had to resort to using toilet paper instead of tissues for my nose. There just aren’t enough in the box to last long enough with a cold like this. This loo roll may as well be made of sandpaper though. I think I’ve ground my nose back  half a centimetre by now. It’s amazing that the body can continually produce so much mucous. Amazing and irritating.

We’ve got two esteemed Estonian guests living with us at the moment. They’ve settled in nicely which is reassuring. Both found jobs in careers they’re interested in and even splashed out on some new skateboards for the hell of it. Good work. Too bad neither of them drink whiskey.

Not really sure where I’m going with this so I’ll put a full stop and say thanks for hanging around this past decade.


2 thoughts on “Survival of the leastest – a decade of rambling

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