On the move

Greetings. I’m 30.

Now that the hard part is over, let me tell you where I am: on a bus. A bus pretending to be a train.

That’s right! Trackwork. Originally some good folks and myself were heading to Paddington for a celebratory lawn bowls event. Judging by this weather though it will have to be postponed.

Let’s see. Quick updates. I’m still employed, own a fancy pen, a sexy juicer, new t-shirts and… I have a  fiancee! I guess getting older isn’t so bad after all.

Yep. Marika and I got engaged last year whilst on holidays in Queensland. I pulled out a not-overly-romantic-but-at-least-in-character proposal on a Noosa balcony and she said yes. I credit the warm weather for the assist.

Our challenges now are twofold: pick a country to hold our wedding in; get a pet cat. I’m not sure which task will involve more politics.


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