I feel like my face is melting. I suppose that’s because it is, kind of.

Peeling would be a better description.

Last weekend Marika and I went whale watching. This was a successful and fun endeavour, although we did fail in our preparation to avoid UV rays. Marika only scored a Rudolph-esque nose whereas I look like I’ve been boiled.

To celebrate our experience, we picked up my mother and hit up far north Sydney to visit my other alma mater for its annual  fair. We got there just in time to realise we’d missed out on purchasing all the good cakes, so instead wandered around admiring all the new buildings and facilities that I never got to use. The only thing I ended up purchasing was a round of drinks at the pub on the adjacent block. That was satisfactory.

I haven’t done any real exercise since very early in July. I haven’t ballooned out but I have shrivelled up. Marika’s been keen to get back into it with me, and I share the sentiment. We just lack the drive to restart the lifestyle. At least the shopping has been healthy.

It’s just coincidental, but the exercise stopped around the same time Matt moved out. The last I heard, he’d headed up to Brisbane for a few weeks. His in-laws came around to pick up some of his stuff, including “that” couch. At least it was easier to get it out of the flat than in it. This time we had better technique. I invited him to Marika’s birthday but didn’t hear back. We went anyway.

In fact, it was the birthday that led to the whale watching.

We just came full circle! I’ll end on that perfect note.


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