It happened. I’m a spouse.

I survived the bucks party. It wasn’t so bad. I got shot a lot due to the flurry of paintballs aimed at me, but I survived.

I also survived having my drinks spiked with vodka all night. It was probably something to do with the pork knuckle and water I had for dinner. Smart move.

Thanks, guys.

So. The fun part happened exactly one week ago:

We got married.

Turns out it was pretty easy. You just have to turn up and agree to everything.

Celebrant was quite amusing and we had a small crowd there. It was done in about 10-15 minutes. We went back to the Rocks for some beer and pretzels before hitting up another restaurant for lunch. The food was ok. I’m not sure about the photos, but that’s what you get.

Now there’s only about 2 weeks left until we depart for the “big” wedding. Sounds like there are still a few little details to take care of. Finicky things, weddings.

Still, it should be fun.


More TV

We’ve been having a crash course in Breaking Bad this week. It’s good but frustrating to watch. Not much else to say about it really as we are a few years behind the boat. I will say though that I would have preferred to begin watching it after the series concluded. Nothing is more irritating than getting “up to speed” on a series then having to grind out the week-to-week. It’s just not as satisfying to see a story unfold each chapter weeks or months apart. Then again, I suppose it gives people something to look forward to.

There’s already enough for me to look forward to that’s not on a television screen but I kind of feel like I’m just going through the motions. I need to do more on weekends. Marika’s schedule doesn’t help, since she’s usually working and I’m too… something… to chase up other people to hang out with in my free time. Then again, no one ever seems to want to chase me up either. Kind of sad, really. Maybe it’s all a vicious cycle. Maybe it’s just from getting old. Maybe it’s due to geographical distance. Maybe no one is really interested any more. Maybe it’s a bit of everything.

Well, at least next weekend is booked. We’re going to check out wedding rings. I’m glad I won’t have to peruse solo. Every time I go window shopping alone I find it tiresome and unproductive. If I’m shopping with a goal in mind it’s not so bad because I’ll usually head straight for where I think it’s being sold, take a look and then decide to buy it. Then I go home. When I’m window shopping I just see a few things I may be interested in but then talk myself out of them. I’ll often even talk myself out of getting food for lunch because I start to feel a bit weird. I actually lost a lot of weight when I was backpacking due to this. It may sound strange but I was definitely in great shape. I suppose I was also nearly 7 years younger.


Yes, two updates within a week.

I can’t even remember the last time I did that. Was it even this decade? Ah, yes, it was. Just. It shouldn’t count either but I guess with my irregular publishing schedule we’ll have to count anything that occurs: It’s too hot and Leaving.

You may be wondering why this blitz of posting? I’m not sure. I guess I kind of exposed the existence of this silly thing the other day to a wider audience (hello) so I feel obliged. I used to make posts regularly when I created this blog (although it was originally a LiveJournal). I can’t remember if it was because I wanted a lot of attention or because I had an audience, or a combination of both. Leaving this page static is just a waste anyway, so I suppose it’s time to pull my finger out.

Speaking of LiveJournal, I actually miss the “mood descriptor”. To be honest though I think I usually used “drunk”. That probably makes sense, since writing is easier after a few drops. Right? I think I heard that somewhere. Works for me at least.

Today is the last day of this fucking soup diet. I am currently heating up brown rice for breakfast. With nothing else. Now that’s how you bring in Easter, folks! I think I’m going to stay up and at the stroke of midnight have some whisky to relax/celebrate/cry into for this past week. I have lost like 3 kilos as of yesterday. I’ll weigh myself later today to see how big a loser I truly am. Undoubtedly I’ll gain it back in a few days from actually eating palatable stuff, but oh well.

So, wedding plans! Hotel booked. Alcohol quandary. How much is enough but how much is too much? We don’t want the place to run dry but we don’t want to have too many leftovers either. I suppose we could just donate them to  fortunate family and friends. Budget starting to look intimidating but we’re adding all the big items so that’s normal. Never mind. May as well enjoy it for all the effort it’ll take!

I really want to go and do something or hang out with people but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything enjoyable because of this stupid fucking diet. Fuck you, you ruined my week and my weekend. Might pike it if I get an offer today.