It’s too hot

The weather is no longer all over the place – it’s here in full force. Horrible. Even the shade isn’t cool enough for a cold soul like me. The good news is that it’s really cold in Australia at the moment. Woohoo.

This is my final week of my (current) Estonian life. In only a couple of days Marika and I will be jet setting across the globe. I should be running around saying more goodbyes but it’s too hot and I’m officially broke. Too bad. I was never that big on goodbyes, anyway.

We did a test run of packing our bags. It seemed to go alright. Maybe we’ll do some refinement today. Ideally we will be able to fit all our desirables without having to post anything back.

I’m getting nervous about leaving yet also a wee bit excited. I just hope being at home doesn’t start to suck too quickly.


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