Animal testing is hilarious

I mean, have a look at this fella:

The horror.

Poor guy. Actually he doesn’t look too bad. Won’t be long now until we can all be cyborgs or have behavioural implants! Read about it here.

Apart from that. Not a lot to report. Viru’s rooms just got a major clean out yesterday so now we’re feeling rather dominant over the whole building. Well, this part of it at least. We even got to design the colour schemes for each room so that they look pretty. Aw.

I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately. Not sure why. Maybe I’m just lazy. Not as lazy as palmy, but still. I can’t even be motivated to cut my fingernails, for example.

I think I’ll watch Labyrinth tonight.


Post calendar

Another plugin-related post.

I installed the latest version of this Ajax Calendar but it seemed to crap itself when it came to linking to posts. Unfortunately it kept trying to attach my WordPress install directory as a prefix to all my permalinks when it didn’t have to. The default version of wp_calendar didn’t have this problem and worked fine, but it wasn’t sexy like Ajax!

The solution was fairly easy, I just removed two of the site prefix + segments from the livecalendar.js file and now it’s working perfectly. Isn’t it nice when things are simple?

Unfortunately, the Quoter plugin I installed isn’t compatible with the threaded comments plugin that Gus has made look so nice on his site. To be honest I don’t know if I even need both of them but I like each for their own reasons. Perhaps I’ll hack away at them some more and see if I can get quotes integrated with threaded comments. It could be cool. Maybe.

Back again

Well, ok, I changed my mind pretty fast. Kinda.

Back with WordPress and now I’m going to get rid of Drupal. Not that I’m unhappy with it, it’s just that now all I really do is blog so WordPress should look after me well enough.

Besides, I like finding things to keep me amused. I’m going to migrate this to the root of the domain tomorrow, probably.

I’ve also changed my gallery to use zenphoto. I’ve tried it before but now it has beta-support for subalbums, so I’m pleased and now I’m using it.

Anyway. Bed time.


Ok, so it’s not that bad. Still, I’m not using WordPress any more. I just update the blog on my homepage instead.

It may however have been a completely worthless transition as I’m quite lonely now. It seems that no one actually reads it (or at least comments). That’s fair enough though since I realise it’s hard to bother checking other pages when everyone else you know is on LJ in the first place.

I suppose I could just syndicate my LJ entries onto the website. Maybe I’ll try that for fun.

Don’t tell anyone, but I miss all of you and your pointless comments.

Integrated, finally

Well, I did it. I managed to migrate my WordPress blog onto Drupal.

Now I have a reason to visit this site apart from clicking on my other links and perhaps listening to some embedded music.

Now you have a reason to visit, too.

Yep, still in Tallinn. I’m in the private rooms today instead of in the dorms. That’s why I’ve been enteretaining myself with my site instead of doing any work. Speaking of which, it could be time to scrub the toilets.

Emily arrives tomorrow. :O

I should brush my teeth.