Ok, so it’s not that bad. Still, I’m not using WordPress any more. I just update the blog on my homepage instead.

It may however have been a completely worthless transition as I’m quite lonely now. It seems that no one actually reads it (or at least comments). That’s fair enough though since I realise it’s hard to bother checking other pages when everyone else you know is on LJ in the first place.

I suppose I could just syndicate my LJ entries onto the website. Maybe I’ll try that for fun.

Don’t tell anyone, but I miss all of you and your pointless comments.


10 thoughts on “Turdpress.

  1. Here you go smelly bum :)

    How’s if ole Estonia? Bet it’s bloody cold, you poor bastard. It’s been a really mild winter here.

  2. Welcome back!

    I’m working on a way to synchronise LJ with WordPress. Maybe you could start a syndication of your homepage that appears on LJ?

  3. Yeah I was looking into that. Unfortunately it seems that you can’t syndicate on LJ unless you have a paid account. Not unless you do it by some other third party, I guess.

    Keep me posted. :)

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