Animal testing is hilarious

I mean, have a look at this fella:

The horror.

Poor guy. Actually he doesn’t look too bad. Won’t be long now until we can all be cyborgs or have behavioural implants! Read about it here.

Apart from that. Not a lot to report. Viru’s rooms just got a major clean out yesterday so now we’re feeling rather dominant over the whole building. Well, this part of it at least. We even got to design the colour schemes for each room so that they look pretty. Aw.

I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately. Not sure why. Maybe I’m just lazy. Not as lazy as palmy, but still. I can’t even be motivated to cut my fingernails, for example.

I think I’ll watch Labyrinth tonight.


2 thoughts on “Animal testing is hilarious

  1. in no way related to your entry. im too lazy to give you an email. i was reading about thresh (dont ask why). never realised he made so much money. has a worth of something in the vicinity of 11 million dollars (mostly from his developing of xfire). talk about making the most of an opportunity.


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