Couch spud

Mornings somehow have become longer but shorter. Getting up daily around 6am would previously have been quite a challenge, but also rewarding in the sense that I’d get 2 hours of time to myself before preparing for work. Now the baby somehow makes time fly past, even when we’re not doing much but playing and failing to put him to sleep. It’ll be 8:30 before I even look. Still fun, so far. Probably more fun for me than Marika, as she’s stuck doing most of the heavy lifting. It actually is heavy lifting now, since he’s gaining 300-450g per week lately. Catching up after being born small, I guess.

We haven’t really established much of a routine yet, kind of don’t care but also kind of looking forward to it.

I’d write more but he’s decided sleeping isn’t for him right now… Better check in.


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