Join the Pirate Party for free and make it official!

I got an email today congratulating me for registering as a founding member for the Australian Pirate Party. Feels good. The second section of the email contained this:

We are gradually approaching the 500 members required to register as an official party  But the pace of new memberships has slowed recently. We are determined to be registered before a federal election is called.

So instead of dropping the price for new members, we thought it would be better for you to bring a friend for free! The free memberships are only for people who are referred by current members. There is no limit to how many people you bring, but the offer will not be available for long.

Forward on the application form [] to your friends inviting them for free. To allow us to verify, ask them to write your name near the bottom of the form and write “WAIVED” over the joining fee section.

So, any Australians reading this who actually give a shit about helping our country with regards to technology, feel free to join up and use my name as a reference.



Today I paid my membership fees to the Pirate Party of Australia and sent an email to Senator Conroy about the government’s proposed mandatory Internet filtering.

It feels good. Like I’m back in university but actually doing something apart from complain about asylum seekers being imprisoned.

I did a protest march through the streets once. It was pretty cool but kind of retarded. I don’t even remember what we were protesting about. Then again, that seems to be the standard university experience. Well, Sydney University anyway.

Today everyone is eating blood sausage and cabbage. I’ve opted out. I might try a Krooks burger later tonight. First I will need a shower and a good hard scrub under my arms.

Also, poker.