Hi there.

I just signed up for a new Telstra mobile plan, for the low-low price of $74/month.

Why? I don’t know. I just sort of kept clicking buttons. Now I have no idea how I’m even going to receive the damn handset they’re sending out, since I probably won’t be home and the post office is only open 9-5. Since my work hours are 9-5:30 (lately 9-7) this could be a problem if they want photo ID.

Well, I guess these problems come up when you act on impulse. Obviously I had an urge to update this blog, as well.

Let’s see.

I got my tax return back and so did Marika. Hopefully I’ll be in the system for next year so I won’t need to fartarse around. In the end something must have been updated, somewhere, because I managed to get it done online. Hoorah!

Winter is gone. Summer is coming. It’s like the opposite of Game of Thrones. Marika’s loving it while all the sensible types are complaining about the heat. I’ve got an extra special reason, as I am currently walking to and from work every day. I believe it’s approximately an 8km round trip. That’s right, no more car.

Well, the car will probably come as an impulse buy in the next month or two as well. For now, I’m trying to get a touch of exercise. Starting in summer with business attire isn’t the best way to start a good habit, though.

I bought some new runners, I think my old Nikes might have been from the 90s. I don’t even remember their age, but they’ve been donated to a charity/laugh bin in the shoe store where I bought their replacements. Matt took me down there for a look. It may be the first time I’ve actually bought shoes with an assistant giving me advice. Running up and down the street to see how they feel wasn’t a particularly flattering moment of the purchasing process, unfortunately.

So, with all this walking and new shoes (I wear the runners on my walk and swap into business shoes in the office. Cool, right?) you’d think I might even be losing some weight. Well, if you didn’t, I sure did. It doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve narrowed it down to mostly my rigorous beer consumption. All those liquid sandwiches are holding me back. It’s a shame to cut back, as they taste so sweet after a long day and a long walk in 30 degree heat. Back to gin and wine, then.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Yes, we went back to Eesti and caught up with whoever was still left in the country. The time went quickly but it was pleasant to say hi to all the folks. I made a trip down to Riga to see John which ended up on par with most of our other sessions. This time, though, we had live ammunition. I won.

It’s been about a month since we got back. Now Piia’s coming. Tomorrow. This is exciting news, for Marika especially.

I expect there will be more updates about that very soon. On her blog, at least.


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