I got it wrong! We won netball 34-31! :D :D :D

That’s much more like it.

We had our Annual General Meeting for Winesoc today. We’ve got 2 new execs and some current members are staying on again next year. We’re still undecided on who will be treasurer for next year but at least we have 2 people contending for the position.

Tomorrow is the final presentation for my major project. If we do well we’ll have to do another one for Accenture. :/ I know it’d be cool and all, but fuck am I over it.

I bought sour cherry flavoured juice today. It tastes like a cherry Chupachup. I want to drink it all.

Does anyone have any ideas of what to do with my website? Nothing much on there has changed in a month or so and I’ll soon have more free time to play around/work on it. A few ideas would be most welcome, though. Anything is good! I can do whatever I want (because I’m a boy)!

Actually, I really need more friends on LiveJournal. Maybe I should get more active in the silly little communities. I’m getting bored of only getting frequent entry updates from communities that post pictures of things which only twisted people like myself would find entertaining.

Here’s a video of people eating spiders.


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