Coding coding coding

It’s oh so fun but oh so annoying.

What I’m dreading most is cleaning up all the CSS I’ve hacked around with for the site I’m building. When it’s done I’ll let you all play with it.

Gym… tomorrow! :D

Folk festival… the day after!



I just found out why my Internet speed constantly drops from 12Mb/s to 4Mb/s: it’s meant to.

Yes. The first few seconds of the file (depending on its size) will go at the full 12Mb/s in order to “PowerBoost” it. Then it’s throttled. What the fuck is that about?

I’m pissed off that I wasn’t aware of that at the time that we signed up. I’m also pissed our landlord recommended this stupid company to us as they also provide shit cable TV (mostly in Russian). We should have gone Elion but she said Starman was already connected and that we would have Internet in our flat. She didn’t tell us that she’d “sold” the router and modem first and that we would have to buy our own and then sign a new contract for it… So we never actually had it in the first place. Christ almighty.

In other news, I rejoined the gym. Deane visited. Other people keep hanging around. Marika went to Sweden today with her mum. I’m sick of having skin like a desert. I’m beginning to lose hair. I don’t do much apart from sit around in my flat playing games or wasting time browsing the web (at 4Mb/s after 10 seconds).

Fuck it.


I just checked Elion. If we went with them it would have been a genuine 12Mb/s for half the fucking price. AHHHHH. I am very annoyed.

*Update 2*

Oh and we already had our own modem/router that works with Elion but we had to buy a separate one for Starman as they were not compatible. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :(

Twit to wit

Yeah, I re-registered my Twitter account. Follow it if you like. It’ll be like this blog but even more concise. I might put a stream up here, too.

Gym was hard today. I feel a bit weak. Perhaps I should have some more protein powder as that surely helps give me strength. Like a proton pill for Roger Ramjet.

I’m listening to a Thunderheist album at the moment and after 1 song I think it’s good. Since I’m very fickle my opinion may change at any moment.

Last weekend I picked up Psychonauts and Beyond Good & Evil from Steam as they were on sale. They’re console ports but they’re reasonably well done and I find the games to be rather enjoyable. Psychonauts is definitely worth the purchase and deserves more praise and hype than it seems to have received. It has good review scores but I think it went over the heads of most gamers as it looks more like a children’s game… It’s not.

Tim is going to make chicken with potatoes and … mango curry? I can’t remember. On Monday I made burritos for everyone and we farted like there was no tomorrow. I even went to Levist with Tim and Marika for a gin and tonic. A dry gin and tonic.

In other news, I feel like having a fight.

redknob's notable people from RtCW of which I had a reasonable level of interaction:

The only man I know who smoked pink cigarettes. My favourite person to troll, whether or not it was on a server or in our private LoA forums. He threatened to quit the team about 10 times if I didn’t stop annoying him and then if I didn’t leave. In the end he left for some shitty team named stah! that didn’t even make it into the finals (although it did end up leading to GameStah). He was always a decent player but I remember he came back with an alias after a brief absence with a new rig and started kicking a lot of arse. Probably had an FPS hack chip inserted into his brain when he went back to St Petersburg to visit. Funnily enough, I live very close to his hometown now. I also know a few more Russian swear words. GIB ZEE BODIEEZ. GIV ME SUM FUCKEN AMMAO.

Clan leader for LoA’s RtCW division and DJ for the UN. A great guy who I believe considerably improved during my time at LoA to a point where he became nothing short of a solid (and underrated to our opposition) support player. Along with 4saken, he led LoA’s squad every match by example, being able to play consistently well as any almost class and in almost any position on the map.

Another player who I saw evolve over the seasons into a solid yet underrated teammate. I had a huge mancrush on him back in the day. We had a great buddy system going on when I first joined LoA, mostly revolved around pissing off Russkie or being a lieut/med combo in games. I remember how excited I was meeting up with him the first time I was in Melbourne. Yes, he is very sexy. I haven’t heard from him in years but I imagine he’s doing something really cool in neuroscience, since that’s what he was studying. I forgive him for almost cockblocking me in that 1 minute cap match vs Kindred on mp_ice.

Fucking SK who always had to be panzer because he was on dialup. One of his teachers was in TISM, so I liked him. I don’t forgive him for nearly TKing me in that 1 minute cap match vs Kindred on mp_ice.

I refuse to call him Serp. Kman (or to his teammates, Kylie) will forever be a small, cute, pre-pubescent 13/14 year old in my mind. He blossomed into a great player but I think his young ego and abundant ability didn’t leave much room for him in a modest-rated team like LoA, especially not in my shadow. He broke away to join A+, changed his name to something scary and probably changed its colour to black, too. Maybe it was the beginning of the emo years, I don’t know. I have no idea what he’s up to now but it’d be interesting to find out. Apparently he hates being called Kman, so don’t use it if you refer to him.

From Adelaide I believe. That only things I remember about him was that he was a lot older than the rest of us, had kids (I think). I have this strange feeling that he had a beard.

SS Wiking
The most unlucky member in the team. Why? Because he was on fucking country ISDN and pinged 350 every game. He was actually a decent player (and drove a truck for a job) and he became much more effective when he finally got a better connection. Unfortunately by then it was too late and everything in the RtCW world had begun to change.

I can’t remember much except that his name was Rod.

Always was a legend. He’s such a nice guy I have trouble believing he doesn’t have an evil twin somewhere to make up for it. I’m sure most people would agree that the RtCW community in Australia would be completely different (or perhaps non-existent) without him. I even played alongside him with O2 in SoF2 and he didn’t even piss me off in scrims. I think he’s part divine, or something.

tofu and I have been joking about FRESH LINEN ever since we heard it at one of the many horrifically alcohol-charged Sydney meetup nights, except tofu never drank any alcohol. A freak of a man and irresistibly likeable, he never did anything that wasn’t entertaining. I think he took me to the Lord Nelson pub for the first time and made me feel very comfortable with his warm hands.

Inseparable players. CapD was possibly the first person to bring m_pitch to RtCW without telling anyone. Yes, even before Sequel. If my frail memory serves, didn’t he upload a picture of himself sitting in an office that in the background had a poster on the wall of a testicle in an egg cup?

Four things: He was always with CapD whenever Ghostrider wasn’t playing. He was really good at every class. I made him /ragequit on mp_sub once with a well-timed grenade. He said he doesn’t maintain his pubic hair and lets it grow out all bushy.

I remember being in awe of how easily he would kick my arse when I first started playing. I later professed my respect of this “olde days” player to my teammates when I joined dot, only to have all their pissy egos spit my opinions back at me by answering “nah he was shit you fucking noob, jesus”. Regardless, I have fond memories of being consistently destroyed by him back when I was a whitey.

Evil Homer
I still believe he was that guy in ASR (was it?) that left the community then came back as EH a little while later. I mean, they were both from Adelaide, right? Anyway. A controversial personality who literally gave his all to masterminding and perfecting RtCW. I think he did a pretty good job. I remember the day he refers to when he began regarding me as a good player. It was on mp_village and I was happy because I managed to kill him in an SMG fight (because I am awesome). Evil’s one of the people that genuinely had a big impact on the community from the day he joined it.

Fuzzy + Teddy
I didn’t really get to know these guys too well, as they kind of moved on before I got too serious with RtCW. I just remember they had a big impact on developing the community and on my old, stolen iPod I even had a copy of their shoutcast of .cD and O2 on mp_beach. I took it with me to remind me of the glorious Wolfie days when I left Australia. I did get to interact with them a little bit more when tofu and I became playtesters for the HL2 mod, Dystopia. Basically I told Teddy to fix everything in the game to make it more awesome. The mod is now on Steam but apparently there are no servers left. See what happens when I stop playing?

GA Admin ladder team
Didn’t they only play, like, 4 games? Everyone still loves trog.

BennyB (Syd)
Left nut. I heard he was loaded and owned a yacht in Circular Quay. Too bad I never got to party with him and ToY. Then again, I was probably too poor.

The velvet voice from BrisVegas allowed me to do a few shoutcasts back in the day. I’ve always been in awe of him ever since I found out he got a job as an announcer in a strip club due to his experience shoutcasting.

I was actually involved with it, somewhat, when it was first created. No, I didn’t have anything to do with its creation but I did end up on the team somehow. I remember the PHP CMS and forums were absolutely horrible. I blame that on Russkie and Spot (Russians and Brazilians, oh dear).

Flare was cool. He was one of those guys that would work out how to either exploit everything or do things with perfect efficiency. Often he’d combine the two. He blocked me on Ventrilo for about 2 days once because I was sitting on top of his mortar in ET, preventing him from calculating his angles effectively. He also sent his mum and dad literally from one side of Sydney to another to my house in order to retrieve a copy of Final Fantasy 11.

A social puppeteer, he was one of the best connected, communicable and manipulative players I’ve ever seen and he’s been like that in every gaming community he’s involved in. Living with him for just over a year was great for finding out
gossip and basically I let him be my social manager/proxy so that I didn’t have to foster proper relationships with anyone myself. Not only is he smart as fuck, he’s one of the few people who are actually visionaries and makes things happen. I taught him how to be domesticated and clean the kitchen, along with how to be confident while you’re crossing the street in Sydney.

Another regular at any Sydney meetup, he was one of those players that I classify as a “spoiler” to play against. That is, he’d always turn up unexpectedly at the worst moment and disrupt the opposition’s plan or movements. This is a valuable trait in itself, but listening to him on Ventrilo laughing about how much fun he was having doing it made it even better. He became tight bum-buddies with Flare so they often exploited each other.

The rage king. When I first joined dot he would go mental about everything to everyone. He is one of two people I’ve ever known that can make me feel about 2 inches tall. To make it worse, whenever he flipped out he was usually right. To make that even worse, he’d then demonstrate what you were doing wrong, then demonstrate how to do it correctly and go on to do it perfectly every time. He was also heavily influential with the whole “professionalism” movement in the scene. Unfortunately he is Tasmanian by birth, so we stopped taking him seriously in the end.

One of the greatest trolls to ever grace the digital world and one of the funniest people to listen to in life, he’s an absolute bastard. Fortunately he has red hair, so I can tolerate him. Whorky was a very good player, the problem was that he didn’t give a shit so most people probably never knew it.

The pill-popping rage machine. This guy took himself so aggressively seriously I found it bizarre that he was also an ectasy advocate. Always good fun to be around and responsible for getting the infamous ivLANs going up in Newcastle, along with tofu. We went clubbing once (on his 21st, actually) and I was so bored I sat on a couch all night until a gay guy hit on me, which was nice.

Another redhead who also went to Sydney Uni with me. No idea what he’s doing now but he was another one of those cool guys that just liked playing and didn’t really give a shit, although they were solid players. He became good friends with Delerium and even sent him money via bank transfer once for a “pony ride”. Seriously.

All the taunting and teasing that I perfected on Russkie I transferred to him. It made him mentally tough and now he cries himself to sleep each night because I’m no longer in Australia. Everyone knows how good is at games. If you don’t know, he’ll tell you. I used to buy cigarettes for him since he was only a wee fella when we would play together. I still feel a lot of sympathy for him for still living in Canberra all this time.

The patron saint of KFC and pretending that the flamethrower was actually a massive fiery fart, this little bugger is now an adult and it makes me feel a lot closer to death. He was awesome but unlike Dozer, wouldn’t tell you. If you didn’t know, tofu told Dozer and Lok that there was only 1 position available in the dot roster when they were on trial. He then made them have a 1v1 duel on mp_ice in the flag respawn point. The poor kids ended up as nervous wrecks and I believe Lok won 11-9, only to be told that they were both accepted. They never fully recovered.

Too talented to be a mascot player but aloof enough that he fit the part anyway. Everyone loves fatty. He and Sent1nel actually share the same vocal chords, it’s disquieting. Shares his girlfriend with a guy called KonKa who sold me a defective nVidia card.

I made a video documentary about his life and how influential and inspiring he is. It ran for 40 seconds, including credits. He was one of the most intelligent players in the game, although you wouldn’t guess it if you heard him giggling cheekily all the time. Kos always seemed to have this ability to glide around the map, staying alive and killing people without them knowing how it happened. He’s probably one of the only players who really could be classified as a “ninja”, especially when it came to throwing grenades around. He had a knack for pissing people off in-game, a lot like Midway and Flare.

I always felt bad for not meeting up with him during the Big Day In in Melbourne. I can’t remember what happened, but someone was meant to ring someone but it never happened and that was the end of it. Oops. I think it was my fault. Another strong player with a controversial personality who I think was inspired by what he experienced in RtCW and took it to ET and ended up changing the environment forever. His videos were always superb and enjoyable and way too big for anyone to download with their bandwidth cap but ultimately worth the investment. Also, for the record, I used to Sten duel Deman all the time at 4am and win, so shut up about how good he was with it. :P

Had a squeaky voice and wasn’t cool until he joined dot in ET, probably because he’d grown up a bit.

He was one of those players that was always a threat but due to his ping would cause me to second guess myself and incorrectly assume I had a good advantage. I always had this image of all the =SE= guys as being a bit mysterious and quiet, but always good players. Of course, they all split up and mostly went to good teams so it looks like I was right. Along with Calvin, he brought respect to the Kiwis!

I liked Calvin mainly because he was one of the two other people that used to use my little GUID parsing program and send me log files from it. If memory serves I believe he did a pretty good job shoutcasting later on, too. Didn’t he also organise some tournament? Jesus, my brain is rotten.

I never got to know Dragon very well, but I always looked up to him. I guess it was another one of those scenarios where I was only a kid of about 19 or 20, dancing around the servers and forums as an idealistic and hopeful youth and he was a …what, 50 year old (just kidding), calm and respected guy that always seemed to be influencing the direction of the community from the background (then again, wasn’t everyone in O2?). Then I became a GameOp and started ignoring him and everyone else.

When I met EJ I thought he didn’t look anything like I expected but then I realised I’d never actually imagined that in the first place. The motormouth that pushed fun back into shoutcasting would have us all on edge as he called all the big games. To have your name called out by EJ in a match was always a thrill, whether or not he was saying how bad you performed or if you had a sexy mother. I managed to meet up with him at the Big Day In, only to get high, drunk and sweaty with him and his Rangers mates before waking up the next day on the floor in his hotel room. Oh yes.

I never had a lot to do with him directly, apart from the odd pub scrap and having a chat with him once on Ventrilo and thinking he was Fatphil. As a dotmaen we had to be rivals, as we were always competing against whatever team he was in at the time. I know he’s gone a long way these days with esports in Australia, but I can’t help but think if he wasn’t heavily inspired to create iMmunity and do it that way because of what he learnt from dot’s successes against his first “amateur” teams and our original attitude/push for professionalism, sponsorship and touring.

Yes, me! Well, I remember being a whitey and curious about how this game was meant to be played online, as it wasn’t as easy to get into as MoH:AA. I’d had a history in online FPS games but RtCW was a different experience. Eventually I started figuring it out and got picked u
p into LoA, for who my heart still longs. We grew a lot as a team but eventually I guess I’d also outgrown it, as well as life and the environment in the team changing. By the time I joined dot I’d become a GameOp and created my own GUID list to track aliases, along with being responsible for getting all the Sydney players drunk at our meetups. Nowadays I just sit around in Estonia being cold and wondering why we are still all so fond of this game and how it’s even possible that it changed (and I know it sounds nerdy to say) our lives.


ScribeFire is cool! How come I never bothered to find this before?

Now I have no excuse not to write more frequently. Oh, the misery that is about to be unleashed.

How to Usenet

I used to link to a page containing this information on the website. I figure that I may as well post it here too, for reference.

Basically, if you don’t know what Usenet is, look here. This entry is just a short step-by-step guide to allow you to start downloading binaries.

So, the instructions:

  • download Grabit & install
  • download QuickPar & install
  • buy a newsgroup account
  • buy a premium Newzbin account
  • select all the files attached to the report or click the little download arrow in the search results for whatever you want to download
  • your browser will ask you what you want to do with a .nzb file, make grabit open it
  • after the download has finished, run any .par files that were included in the download to guarantee file integrity
  • be happy that you have (most likely) just pirated

It's raining

I’m too lazy to go to the gym today. Too lazy to go and re-join for the next month. Tomorrow, hopefully.

Phil left the hostel for a few days to travel around, then he’s leaving for good to continue his trip! It’s very sad. It’s also going to leave a lot more laundry work for us.

Teo is also running off. That means I don’t have to fight for my laptop any more. Especially now that Lucy has gone off with palmy to Barcelona. Yep, palmy came back to visit. Good times, as usual. He was very bruised after a week, but I’m not sure how.

So, new volunteers are coming but they’re not here yet. That means I’m doing 5 night shifts back-to-back and most mornings, too. It’s all good. Cheaper, somewhat.

It really doesn’t feel like it’s the middle of July. Doesn’t seem too different to March or April except that all the beds are full. It’s funny how we can have 36 people staying at this place but it never feels overly busy. Before I know it there’ll be snow on the ground again.

Fring is awesome. It lets me message and call for free/Skype prices on my phone over wi-fi, and seeing how most of this country has free hotspots, I barely have to pay anything to use my phone now! Elite.

Marika wants to rent her own apartment in Tartu. :D Yessssss. I hope she gets a good one.

I want an apartment of my own. I can live in a little box, easily, as long as I have decent Internet and a kitchen! Hmm. I’m going to go look now.


The good, the bad and the hungry

This will be a quick catch up post, I guess.

So, the gym is going well. I’m usually getting down there about 3 times a week. I don’t think my diet is too helpful in regards to fat loss and muscle growth, but never mind. It does feel very good to be lifting weights again after so long. Now if only my arms weren’t noodles.

I bought a Nokia N95 8GB for 8900 EEK. It’s very cool, but tofu has one as well so it can’t be too cool. I’ve been playing with it non stop since I picked it up, trying configure/personalise/break it. So far, so good.

We’ve had to vacate our balcony after our neighbours made up lies about how we act on it. We close it at 9pm and keep it very clean and usually very quiet – only people having cigarettes or coffee/tea 90% of the time. Unfortunately one bitchy person with too much money and not enough class has convinced our landlord that we’re a menace and as such we were reprimanded. We’re complying at the moment, but I’m sure something will happen along the line.

Pilly comes back today and palmy comes here tomorrow. Hopefully we can all get along to beer festival together and have a jolly good time. I just hope I can rope someone into doing nightshift here. Teo? Triin? Anyone? Surely.

Bella leaves today. Poor Monk’s. Poor Tim. She’ll be back, probably. They always come back. Gloriana left yesterday. She’ll be back, too. Just watch.

I can’t remember what else I was gonna put. I’m hungry? Not really, I just put that in the title for a giggle.

Three nifty things

Just a quick note on two things I find very useful and one thing that is potentially very useful:

  1. SkreemR Mp3 Search – great MP3 search engine, with direct links to files and plenty of other info.
  2. Video DownloadHelper – “The easy way to download Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.
    This works also for audio and picture galleries.” It’s terrific and even does batches!
  3. – “ enables you to create simple private exchange points called ‘drops.'” Free, anonymous and unregistered online file-sharing. Great if you want to swap some files and don’t want to use a chat program to transfer files.

That’s all.

Holy shit!

I never knew CTRL + backspace deleted the last word, nor that ALT + backspace undoes any deletion!

Ok, so maybe that’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but no one ever mentioned it before to me as far as I can recall.