It's raining

I’m too lazy to go to the gym today. Too lazy to go and re-join for the next month. Tomorrow, hopefully.

Phil left the hostel for a few days to travel around, then he’s leaving for good to continue his trip! It’s very sad. It’s also going to leave a lot more laundry work for us.

Teo is also running off. That means I don’t have to fight for my laptop any more. Especially now that Lucy has gone off with palmy to Barcelona. Yep, palmy came back to visit. Good times, as usual. He was very bruised after a week, but I’m not sure how.

So, new volunteers are coming but they’re not here yet. That means I’m doing 5 night shifts back-to-back and most mornings, too. It’s all good. Cheaper, somewhat.

It really doesn’t feel like it’s the middle of July. Doesn’t seem too different to March or April except that all the beds are full. It’s funny how we can have 36 people staying at this place but it never feels overly busy. Before I know it there’ll be snow on the ground again.

Fring is awesome. It lets me message and call for free/Skype prices on my phone over wi-fi, and seeing how most of this country has free hotspots, I barely have to pay anything to use my phone now! Elite.

Marika wants to rent her own apartment in Tartu. :D Yessssss. I hope she gets a good one.

I want an apartment of my own. I can live in a little box, easily, as long as I have decent Internet and a kitchen! Hmm. I’m going to go look now.



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