Here we go once again


Christmas holidays were fun. Marika’s family came over for four weeks. I believe they enjoyed themselves. Plenty of photos and videos are floating around from that time. If you’re interested in looking at them you will probably know how to find them from Marika’s blog. I’m too lazy. Same goes for wedding photos, actually. If they’re not all on Facebook already.

It was nice to be the host for once with my Estonian in-laws. For the last few years it’d typically be me tagging along as the guest, visiting places with them or simply being catered to. It feels good to return the favour and have it all work out. Staying altogether at my parents’ house was a good idea and really made everyone more comfortable. The heatwave we had over December and January forced us to sit outside almost the entire time (and buy a bug zapper). My mother and I are the only ones who were complaining about the weather, as usual. Going back to an Estonian winter after so many sunny days and a noticeable lack of rain would be quite a culture shock. Perhaps more than arriving here on the plane initially.

The language barrier didn’t impede anyone too much. We all ate and drank enough to find a way through it. The Australians were considerably outnumbered on New Year’s Eve, seeing as Elina and Meelis swang by from… well, the outback, almost. A midnight swim was certainly a great way to cope with the mosquito and zombie attacks. And the humidity.

And the vodka.

And the cigars.

I don’t think I’ve watched so many cartoons since I was about Elisabeth’s age. I suspect she understood them better than me.

We spent four weeks away from our new place. Now we’re settled in and all furnished. It looks pretty swell, if I do say so myself. No photos. Lots of white, though.

We’ve had a few little parties here, just no birthday parties. We’ve been to a few recently but I just can’t stand with the idea of having my own. I’ve never really understood why. I don’t think I like the pressure, or is it the expectation? Maybe it’s the potential disappointment more than anything. Maybe it’s better to have the bar so lowered that you forget it’s there.

Marika and I went to a funeral not long ago, sadly. Mother of a friend. I won’t go into details here but I just wanted to mark it down. Such a shame.

It’s past midnight now which means that tomorrow is the fourteenth of February. What do you get for the wife that has everything (and who just scored 16 bottles of wine earlier in the week) and the mother who is also provided for?

Probably a new cat for both of them would work, since I’m on the spot.

That would probably be easier to arrange on the day than finding god damn flowers, now that I think about it.

I just checked the current price on flowers. Sorry ladies. You’re out.


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