Hello new place.

Got our Internet connection working in our new place tonight. Now I can still be bored but online as well!

So yeah.

Moved from apartment in Artarmon to an apartment we bought in Chatswood. Newer building, little bit smaller but rather sexy.

Wedding photos arrived about 14 weeks after the wedding. Marika has them online so if you know how to find them you will.

We’re still married. I’m used to wearing the ring.

Marika’s family arrive on Wednesday for one month. We’re both taking time off work for their stay.

Wifi has stopped working and our Foxtel box can’t get iQ/high def. It’s also a flakey box. Tough times.

I made a Christmas icon for myself! redknobiconxmas

What, wait. What’s this bullshit? WordPress is now displaying ads in my posts?

That’s it. I’m going to migrate again and lose the rest of my audience. All one of you.


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