Hello from my extravagant keyboard

Yes, this is a bit of a nerdy post. Not that any of my other entries ever are.

I just want an excuse to write on my lovely new Ducky G2 Pro mechanical keyboard with its offensively loud blue switches.

Mine however does not have black keys. It has dark grey ones, like these (ignore the red ones, I just pinched this image off another website):


Why am I so excited about a keyboard? Well, partly because it cost about $130 but mostly because it feels so nice to type on. I’m a pretty fast typist (probably around 115 WPM on average) so I feel that I have a legitimate reason to want to experience high quality… typing? I’ve come to realise that I’m actually more comfortable typing at my desk at work than on my setup here at home. Unfortunately I don’t really know what I can do about that, as I’d prefer them to be mostly equivalent.

Anyway, yes. Unless you experience it for yourself (sexy keyboards, that is) you wouldn’t really understand. It’s like trying to cut up food with a cheap chef’s knife compared to a high quality one. Sure, the job gets done either way but it just feels so much better when you’ve got a well-crafted tool.

Speaking of carving up food – Marika and I hit up the local Crows Nest Brazilian BBQ restaurant with Howard, Tanya and Al. Yay for social eating. It really was great food and we even scored a few complimentary churros and coffee. That’s how I like it.

Summer is officially over and autumn is midway through. Daylight saving is over so it gets dark quite quickly now. A little bit depressing, but life must go on. I’ve been doing that P90X3 exercise routine. I’m actually on Day 90 tomorrow I think. I’ve skipped a few days here and there but I’m sticking to the actual time frame this turn to see how I end up over the standard course of the program. I think I’ve lost maybe 3 or 4 kilograms in total however I feel like I’ve developed a bit more muscle/tone/whatever. I’m not ripped or anything like that but I can feel and see a considerable difference. I find it easier to get through 30 minutes sessions as opposed to the 60-90 minute ones that the original program offered. Not sure about P90X2, might check that out in the near future. I really like the taste of protein shakes.

I’ve had one haircut this year and it was in the first week (maybe second?) of January. It’s really not looking good. Fucking hair. I always have too much where I don’t want it. Even my ears get big long hairs now. I’m getting so old.


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