(Lack of) personality update

Nice essay saying how precious I am.

So, I’m not doing night shift now. Thanks, Laura, for coming back early.

Tonight is strange, all the guests got drunk around 8pm then went out for about 2 hours. Now they’re all watching movies. It’s Saturday night. Weird.

It’s nearly full here, actually. The last Saturday before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I have to do some fucking shopping. Argh. Argh! I haven’t even been paid for about 6 weeks. Actually, I’ve been putting my own cash back into the register just so we have enough change for all these bastards that are paying with big notes. It doesn’t help that the staff keep paying themselves all the small change, either.

I’ve been hitting up the gym again lately. Even been doing some cardio. I went earlier today and still haven’t showered. Oops. I will tomorrow, or something. Fresh and clean to face the day! Wowee. I can’t wait.

I watched Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in) the other day. Very good and charming, for a vampire film. Apparently it’s going to have an American equivalent released next year by the same director that brought us Cloverfield. Whee?

Today was the day I finally purchased some cocoa. It tasted very nice with milk.


One thought on “(Lack of) personality update

  1. funny, i was looking up that myers-briggs stuff just two odd weeks ago. INFP is what i came up with. but theres a borderline preference over INTP.

    interesting stuff. merry christmas mate, hope allis well in estonia!


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