Hacking cough

I have a very raw throat. Fuck it. It hurts.

So, we didn’t quite make it to Angel. Instead, we went to a gay bar next door as the bouncer at Angel’s club entrance wanted 175 EEK from each of us before we could enter. Jim reluctantly joined us but soon left to Levist.

In this other bar I was molested in the bathroom as soon as I arrived. By a man’s face. In my crotch. It was brilliant.

Anna also danced away in a drunken stupor enough that she was cheer-leading in the bathroom while Tim and I relieved ourselves into the porcelain. She then vomited all over Tim and the dance floor, along with most of the back room when the staff tried to drag her out.

I got told off by the waitress for trying to take a picture of what was going on and nearly had my camera knocked out of my hand. I proceeded to argue quite effectively in Estonian and even mopped up the mess.

By the time everything had calmed down we’d lost Anna completely, even though I still had her ID card and money. Later we discovered that she’d managed to find her way back to the hostel and passed out on a couch. All in all it was an entertaining night.

The next day Catherine had convinced Anna to let us have dinner in the monastery, so we had some wicked fire-baked potatoes. We also got to meet Anna’s new little dog which is currently unnamed. I like to call it “Little Mate”. She’s a tiny little black dog that looks more like a miniature lamb.

I didn’t make it to the Brazilian night. I was starting to feel a bit fagged and went to bed around midnight, which is early for me and even earlier for a Saturday night. My early start on Sunday didn’t feel that great either and now here I am, sick.

It probably didn’t help that there was a baby blizzard going on in town over the weekend. Enough to cause power outages, road accidents and train delays. It also probably didn’t help that Ben convinced me to walk all the way to the harbour at Linnahall to see how bad the water was in the storm. It was like being whipped by ice. I did manage to get some cool pictures out of it, however.

So, tomorrow I’m going to stay with Marika for a while. Piia will be giving me a lift. How kind of her. I hope the snow doesn’t cause any complications for our trip!


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