Yay! The first proper snow in the old town has just arrived today. I think it’s about minus 2 degrees outside. I hope it stays cold for the next few months. Last year was a horrible, wet winter.

I’m taking a couple of weeks off soon and will probably be spending most of it in Tartu. Marika is excited, to say the least. I am too. I’ll also be trying to do some decent exercise and lose a bit of weight, somehow.

On the other hand, my muscles are gaining weight. It’s kind of nice to see myself bulking up. The only problem is I have no definition at all due to my body fat. I’ve been like that for all my life so it’s not something I’m unfamiliar with, it just annoys me.

Tonight I think Tim and I will go to Angel, perhaps, along with Anna. It’s probably going to be hell so I will try to get very drunk first. Tomorrow is meant to be a party at Pikk street and our new volunteer Catherine wants to go to some Brazilian dancing night at Uberblingen… This time I’ll try to make her very drunk at Pikk street so that she can’t make it to the other club.

I need some breakfast other than chocolate. I would also like to finally buy a fucking blender. Pohhui.