Fuck all of you cunts

From MSN:

redknob says (10:55 PM):
now that we have youtube we get all these egocentric, vapid, useless people coming out of the woodwork
bringing no message apart from their arrogance
polluting the internet, minds and the airwaves
and it just continues in a cycle of stupidity
i fucking hate it
marika says (10:56 PM):
but whatabout this redhead guy
redknob says (10:56 PM):
the good side is that good videos come out
marika says (10:56 PM):
young guy
redknob says (10:56 PM):
people with ideas or somethign to say
or videos from interesting places
or current events
and that’s what makes it a good site
but all this stupid camera whoring and self worship and random, vapid, intelligence-insulting shit
makes me want to punch things
redknob says (10:57 PM):
especially these 2 people sitting on the couch in front of me dry humping
and face raping each other
marika says (10:57 PM):
poor ollie
marika says (10:58 PM):
how will look internet in 15 years
redknob says (10:58 PM):
same as now
98% crap
99% crap actually
or more
attention seeking
polluting decent commentary and messages
marika says (10:58 PM):
redknob says (10:58 PM):
just with better graphics
and more interactive

Prove me wrong.


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