AUD makes me say EEK!

So, the Aussie dollar is now worth 0.50 Euro cents, according to It’s also only worth 7.5 EEK.

I wish I’d sent Australian money over here a few months ago. I’d have made about 20% on it for a $20 processing fee.

The good news I guess is that I could transfer my foreign money into Australia and have a shitload, but I guess if the AUD is worth shit-all then there’s not much point. Thank goodness for the Euro tie-in.

It did feel nice to pay off my credit card, though, as the remaining balance on it was from a purchase via the US and it was back when our currencies were almost parallel.

I need to change clothes. Four groups are staying here tonight and a fifth one is in the remains of Monk’s. Blegh. Gym first, I hope.