"Pop!" goes the ear wax

I can hear again. It’s a miracle! A miracle of miniature suction. I skipped down to Tartu for a doctor’s appointment Marika made for me to have ear wax removed from my left ear. It’d been about 2 months since it happened (I foolishly compacted it up against my ear drum whilst nonchalantly playing with a Q-tip) and for the duration of my ailment suffered tinnitus and reduced hearing.

I’d actually come to live with it.

When the doctor sucked it all out (which sounded very loud and odd, but kind of cool) I felt like I had super hearing. My previously-dulled ear was now more sensitive and sharp than the unharmed one on the right side of my head.

The contrast was so… audible… that I wanted him to repeat the process on my other ear. Unfortunately I had already paid up front for the treatment and was too shy to ask. I still wake up to hear little bits of wax sticking in my ear canal if I sleep on one side, or have sweaty hair. Sweaty hair, yuck.

I haven’t been to the gym for a while. I can feel my body getting softer and flabbier. I did, however, carry a lot of building materials up 6 flights of stairs. I’ll be doing it again on the weekend. I probably could have provided more moving services but the cards simply didn’t fall that way. Never mind.

We’ve still got a lot of guests staying here of late. I think it’ll be like this until late November. That would be fine if we had a nice, reliable washing machine. It’d be even better if our super-duper dryer worked. Even our regular one is having a hard time keeping the heat. Pohhui.

There was something else I wanted to mention but I forgot what it was. Hurrah. Life is exciting.

I haven’t really been drinking or going out much lately. That’s been nice. Instead, I try to get up around 7am all the time. That’s been not so nice.

Oh. I smell. A lot. I need to change clothes more often. I suppose I’m supporting the environment by using less water and CFCs and electricity, but wow.

The scariest thing that I’ve realised of late is that I’m the only person watering the plants in the building. Me. The most non-green thumb around. Terrifying.

Saarioinen make good microwave food.