Marika and I made roast lamb yesterday. It was actually good. I’ll be sure to try it again the next time I sacrifice one to the gods.

On Saturday we had a little party at Jim’s new apartment. It’s in the same building as Pete’s old place. Almost the same layout. Nifty. Pilly, Tim and myself polished off a litre of gin rather easily, on top of a few beers. It was surprising that I felt so good the next day, especially considering that I ate McDonald’s for lunch. Marika and I stayed in kala maja that night. Then we had our Sunday roast.

It was Elizabeth’s 6-month birthday yesterday, so we had cake and martinis, too. She’s a cute little dribbler. Amazingly enough, she’s one of the few babies that actually seems to like me. Huzzah!

Now I’ve returned to the old town and someone is playing Saw on the big screen, so I’m listening to it in the background. It’s still kind of creepy. I remember the first time I watched it was with palmy at his place. We sat together in the basement in the dark, shit scared. If only we held each other.

I think I should clean something. I think I should rejoin the gym, too. :/