I like the sound of women

Electroclash women, that is! I still wish The Micragirls would come back to play here. I wonder where their flyer went?

Apart from that, I feel like sleeping until I die due to my intake of pancakes, chocolate bars and chinese food today. Gym tomorrow. Really.

Actually, I think I might even be making progress at the gym. Inconceiveable, I know. Too bad my body fat is, as well. Or so it seems.

Since I’ve already started discussing women, I should mention that Marika is back from her pilgrimage to Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris. I guess he broke on through to the other side after all.

It’s nice having everyone floating around the main building again. It’s nice to have too many people to schedule, too. Maybe I’ll try to take a long holiday soon, since we have so many kiddies. Too bad I can’t go to the gym if I’m away, but I’m being a bit lazy anyway. Oops.

Spain beat Estonia 3-0 in wet weather, we had lots of Spanish guests. It’s always the same process… Germany beat Russia 2-1. No one here seemed to react.

It’s been very sunny here of late, just cold at night. Windy, I guess. Blustering.

There is too much laundry here. I don’t want to think about it. It’s a big load worthy of dumping onto someone else. I know just the man.

I can still taste the crispy beef.