Bob Dylan – more boring to be him or watch him?

Yes, I saw Bob Dylan play last night at the Saku Suurhall. I saw his left side. Yep. He faced the band for the entire concert. At least the band looked at the crowd. He didn’t acknowledge the audience at all, not even a hello. After 2 hours of slurring and rambling indecipherable lyrics of dramatically re-arranged old songs he simply announced the name of his bandmembers, took a bow with them and then left the stage without so much as a goodbye.

Ok, fine, so I understand that it would be pretty tiresome to continually perform the same songs for 50-odd years. It’d be even harder to remain enthusiastic about it. What shits me is that he’s a prick. Perhaps he’s always been like that. Whatever.

The music sounded good, I have to say. The band was fine and all. Too bad no one understood anything he said all night. The general consensus of all the people I went with was “underwhelming”.

I admit, I’m not the greatest Bob Dylan fan. I only really wanted to go because I wanted to see him before he died and I figured doing it over here would be fun in itself. Sure, I’m glad overall that I did it. It just wasn’t awe-inspiring.

Lou Reed is coming here soon as well. I was considering seeing him as well since he’s probably gonna kick the bucket soon. Meh. He can’t be much better.

Actually, seeing bands live is really shit unless you’re a bona fide, die-hard fan. At least in my experiences. Maybe I’m just not a big live music person, but I always get bored and start falling asleep. Maybe it’s to do with not always being up the front, close to the stage. No, I think I have to be a fan of the music and up the front in order to stay awake and wholly enjoy the music.


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